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Seven SGF Physicians Honored as Top Docs in 2021 by Northern Virginia Magazine

Helping patients overcome infertility is not simply a job, it is a mission for Shady Grove Fertility physicians. With compassion and dedication at the forefront of patient care, seven SGF physicians have earned their place on Northern Virginia Magazine’s 2021 Top Doctors for infertility list.

Local physicians throughout Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. earn their “Top Doctors” badge based on peer nominations and physician-led panels representing 50 specialties. A research team then vets each nomination to ensure the physician is in good standing with the Virginia Department of Health Professionals.

“2021 marks SGF’s 30th anniversary, a milestone that is made possible by the trust, relationships, and commitment forged between our patients and physicians,” reflects Eric A. Widra, M.D., SGF’s Chief Medical Officer, who sees patients in SGF’s K Street – Washington, D.C. location. “We are privileged to assist our patients during their family-building journeys and will continue to lead the charge by providing innovative, patient-centric, effective options for overcoming infertility.”

The Seven SGF Physicians Selected as Northern Virginia Magazine’s Top Doctors

SGF’s board-certified reproductive endocrinologists offer patients a warm and collaborative approach to patient treatment and care while providing a full range of diagnostic and treatment options for male and female infertility. Practicing personalized care has always been at the heart of SGF, which is why 96 percent of SGF patients say they would recommend SGF to a family member or friend.

The seven SGF physicians honored as Northern Virginia Magazine’s 2021 Top Doctors include:

As the largest fertility center in Virginia, SGF offers infertility services throughout Northern Virginia (see all Virginia locations), as well as:

Dr. Widra Shares Inspirational Patient Story in an Exclusive with Northern Virginia Magazine

In honor of the Top Doctors recognition, Northern Virginia Magazine featured Dr. Widra and requested his favorite patient story:

“I was asked for my favorite patient story, but that is an impossible task. Through my career, I have had so many ‘favorite’ cases, that I can’t choose one. I have had cases where a woman donated eggs to her sister to start her own family after years of struggle. A family who turns to IVF to help them eliminate an inherited disease in their family history. Couples who continually miscarry and are finally able to have a healthy child through IVF and genetic testing of their embryos. The woman whose uterus was lost to cancer or surgery and now has a family by using a gestational carrier. The couple who thought they couldn’t have kids because of a low sperm count. The same sex couples who can’t start families without us. All of these are a tapestry of favorites that I have been privileged to help.

Each day, we have a list of patients who have come in for testing and we review their results in the afternoon. Many of these are having their first pregnancy test after a treatment. As I click on their names, I have the same rush of hope and anticipation for a positive result that I had on my first day as a fertility doctor.”

“I’d like to extend my congratulations to all the honored physicians in Northern Virginia Magazine along with a deepest appreciation for all peers who believe in our passion to make parenthood possible for members of the Northern Virginia community,” says Dr. Widra.

Additionally, SGF celebrates its referral network of 4,000-strong physicians annually who help make it possible for SGF to fulfill patients’ dreams of having a baby.

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