Philadelphia, PA – For a limited time, Shady Grove Fertility (SGF), one of the largest fertility centers in the nation, is offering free second opinion consults to new patients seeking care in one of its five Pennsylvania locations.

A free second opinion includes a virtual medical consultation with a PA-based physician. Drs. Caleb KallenBrianna SchumacherIsaac SassonRyan MartinMelissa EspositoKara NguyenMatthew Connell, and Melanie Ochalski provide fertility patients with a full range of state-of–the-art diagnostic and treatment options for female and male infertility.

SGF also provides patients with a range of financial options to make treatment more affordable, including the Multi-Cycle Discount Program, where patients can save 40% on the cost of IVF as well as its exclusive 100% Refund Program for IVF or donor egg treatment—patients take home a baby or receive a full refund (82 percent of participants take home a baby).

“Seeking a second opinion before embarking on your fertility journey can make a significant difference and may provide a different perspective or treatment strategy that better resonates with your needs,” says Ryan Martin, M.D., who sees patients in SGF’s Warrington, PA, location.

In a 2017 study, Mayo Clinic researchers found that, for 88 percent of patients, getting a second opinion yielded a new or more detailed diagnosis. “When it comes to fertility treatment, however, many patients forego this step, which can lead to unnecessary delay, stress, cost, and sometimes heartache,” adds Martin.

For Dave and Dana, it was their second opinion consult with Dr. Ryan Martin that changed everything.

“When we met with Dr. Martin, we instantly connected with him. It didn’t feel like a typical doctor-patient conversation. He truly cared about us and our journey. Dr. Martin looked at all our files and felt confident that he would get us our baby. We felt like we belonged at SGF.”

Dave and Dana offer advice to future patients. “If you’re trying to conceive, don’t keep waiting or putting it off to make that call. Go see a fertility specialist and get the help and answers you deserve. If you are seeing a specialist and you don’t feel that connection, don’t be afraid to get a second opinion. Getting a second opinion here at SGF changed everything for us. Lastly, stay positive. We know it’s a hard journey, but you cannot lose faith. Never give up on your dream.”

Now with the launch of SGF’s telemedicine program, it’s easier for patients facing infertility to schedule a second opinion consultation. Face-to-face time with a fertility specialist during a video consultation will help patients better navigate their fertility journey and progress toward building their family. Virtual consults also reduce time away from work and other commitments, reduce travel time and expense, and increase convenience as both partners, if applicable, can attend virtually from any location.

To learn more about second opinions at SGF, visit SGF’s website or schedule a virtual physician consultation.

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