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Virtual Consults and Online Resources To Help You Along Your Fertility Journey

Gone are the days when a house call from a physician meant he or she shows up at the door. Using modern technology, SGF, a national leader in fertility care and IVF, now offers patients maximum flexibility all while limiting travel, inconvenience, and delay.

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NEW Telemedicine at SGF!

SGF’s telemedicine program makes it easier for fertility patients to navigate their fertility journey and use this time to progress toward building their family. Virtual consults also reduce time away from work and other commitments, reduce travel time and expense, and increase convenience as both partners can attend virtually from any location.

Through the use of a secured online portal, patients and physicians will share private access to medical records, informed consent documents, patient instructions, educational videos, and much more.

Learn more about your care and discover the power of what's possible, 1-888-761-1967 or schedule virtual consult online.

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