The state of New Jersey has recently signed into law new legislation that provides more inclusive and expansive fertility insurance coverage.

How has insurance coverage changed in New Jersey?

The new law reduces the waiting period for in vitro fertilization (IVF) coverage from 2 years to 1 year for women under age 35, and from 1 year to 6 months for women over 35. The new law also requires the State Health Benefits Program and School Employees Health Benefit Plan to provide this expanded insurance coverage. The law also now includes single women and women in same-sex relationships.

The changes are in line with the definition of infertility as provided by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Previously, the New Jersey law required women to be trying to conceive for 2 years prior to being eligible for coverage. This additional year brings undo financial and emotional burden for couples trying to expand their families.

Seeking proactive help to diagnose and treat infertility provides patients the best opportunity to overcome infertility and build their family,” says J. Ryan Martin, M.D., board-certified reproductive endocrinologist at Shady Grove Fertility in

Do all states provide insurance coverage for infertility?

New Jersey is one of just 15 states that require insurance coverage for infertility. Maryland, New York, Ohio, and West Virginia are also among states that require insurers to either cover or offer coverage for infertility diagnosis and treatment.

How many people have coverage for infertility testing?

At Shady Grove Fertility, 90 percent of patients with insurance do have coverage for infertility testing, which leads to a diagnosis. With this expanded coverage in New Jersey, RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association estimates that at least 400,000 more people could benefit from this additional coverage.

What are the options for people without insurance coverage?

For people without insurance coverage, cost can sometimes stand in the way of seeking infertility treatment, which is why at Shady Grove Fertility, we have several financial programs in place to help ease the cost of treatment including financing through Fertility Finance, LLC and our exclusive Shared Risk 100% Refund Program for IVF or Donor Egg.

The Shared Risk 100% Refund Program offers patients up to six rounds of IVF treatment for one flat fee. The fee is inclusive of all frozen embryo transfers as well as. If the patient does not take home a baby or chooses to stop treatment at any time, they will receive a full refund (some exclusions apply).

How can I get stated with diagnostic testing and treatment?

Shady Grove Fertility has 25 locations including four in Pennsylvania: Bala Cynwyd, Chesterbrook, Harrisburg, and Reading. To schedule a consultation with a physician, call 1-77-971-7755 or complete our online form.

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