Looking to switch fertility providers or get a second opinion? Shady Grove Fertility (SGF) is dedicated to making your transfer of care as seamless as possible. Here are three easy steps you should take if you’re ready to start your family-building journey with SGF! 

1. Get your medical records 

To obtain a full picture of your health history, as well as previous testing and treatments, it’s imperative that your new care team has a copy of your medical records. Due to patient privacy laws, most providers have a formal process for records requests. Once the request is received, it can take several days or weeks for a provider to fulfill, so that’s why we recommend this as a first step in transferring your care. If you have questions about the request process, we suggest first reaching out to your current provider for details. In some cases, SGF may be able to assist in that outreach as well. 

2. Schedule a new patient appointment 

With your insurance information in hand, you can schedule an appointment by filling out a scheduling form on the SGF website or by calling 888-761-1967 to speak with one of our new patient liaisons. 

For your convenience, we offer virtual or in-person new patient consultations. We understand that sometimes timing is tight, and our patients want to be seen as soon as possible. As such, while it is ideal for the care team to have your medical records in advance, it is not required. We want our patients to feel empowered to schedule their first appointment and move forward in their fertility journey without delay. 

Learn more information on scheduling and what to expect during your first appointment.

3. Transfer previously frozen materials  

If you have previously frozen eggs, sperm, or embryos that you want to use in future treatments, you will need to have them transported to an SGF lab. 

To start, patients should obtain the embryology report from their current or former provider, and if applicable, the IVF stimulation spreadsheet. 

Patients will then have a video consultation with an SGF physician, who will assign a nurse to work with you through the process. Patients will also be assigned a financial counselor and a clinical coordinator.  

All outside frozen embryos must be approved for acceptance by SGF’s risk management team, comprised of physician and lab directors. This process typically takes 1 to 3 months.  

When to switch providers 

Deciding where to go for family-building care can be a big decision. In some cases, there are valid reasons you may be considering moving your treatment to another fertility practice. If your current provider closes a location, SGF can help manage your transfer of care and guide you along the way in your new treatment plan. SGF has nearly 50 locations to choose from for virtual or in-person consults.  

There are also instances where a patient may seek a second opinion. Although physicians are medical experts, patients should never feel pushed into procedures that aren’t right for them or be afraid to ask about options that they feel might work. Patients should feel confident in the abilities and intentions of their chosen doctor. If they don’t, it’s time to get a second opinion.