The IVF Race: Maps & Terrain

Good decision making involves being well educated and informed about your body and the IVF process. IVF is an anxiety producing experience – and one of the best antidotes for anxiety is information and knowledge.
The more you know, and the more you can anticipate during the process, the less stress you will feel. Look for articles and other reading materials about IVF. If your medical practice runs educational IVF classes, attend as a couple.
Seek out and talk with others who have been through IVF. As you look over the terrain, it is also important to look at the finish line and prepare for the possibility of not winning the race.
This is the second installment in a series of articles entitled “The IVF Race.” Read the rest of the articles in this series for suggestions in helping you finish the IVF race feeling like a champion, no matter where you place.
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Contributed by: 
Sharon N. Covington, MSW, LCSW-C
Director, Psychological Support Services