The IVF Race: Goal Markers

Just as a race car driver plans his strategy by goal makers along the raceway, it is important for you to be looking ahead as you prepare for IVF – and to consider your limits as you begin the process. Think about the number of cycles you are willing to be involved in infertility treatment.
Look ahead to the end of the cycle and have a plan about what you will do if you are not successful at this time. Remember, that with each cycle new information is learned and that it helps knowing what you will do next.
Consider exploring other family building options – such as adoption – which will give you some control and provide information for future decision making.
This is the seventh installment in a series of articles entitled “The IVF Race.” Read the rest of the articles in this series for suggestions in helping you finish the IVF race feeling like a champion, no matter where you place.
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Contributed by: 
Sharon N. Covington, MSW, LCSW-C
Director, Psychological Support Services