The IVF Race: Bumps & Detours

The most successful Grand Prix drivers prepare for bumps in the road or detours along the route. To finish this IVF race, you should also plan for possible changes and difficult times during your cycle – such as the waiting period after transfer and the day you will get the results. Expect the unexpected, as changes are frequently made in the cycle because of everyone’s unique medical situation. There are possibilities for failure at every step of the cycle, from an unacceptable clinical history to possible pregnancy loss.
The two-week waiting period between transfer and receiving the results of the pregnancy test is often described as the most difficult part of the cycle. You need to plan to keep busy, find ways to pamper yourself, and use your support system for dealing with the feelings. You will also need to consider where you will be when you receive the results (probably not at work) and whether you want to hear the news together.
To allow some time to deal with the results, you may want to consider fibbing to family and friends by saying that you will not be hearing the results until a few days after the results are actually in. Realize that if you are unsuccessful in achieving a pregnancy, you cannot get away from the sadness, loss, and disappointment that are part of the grieving process.
Finally, know that you did everything possible to have a positive outcome, and that a failure in the cycle does not mean that you are a failure.
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Sharon N. Covington, MSW, LCSW-C
Director, Psychological Support Services