Washington, D.C. – In honor of Pride Month, a month dedicated to recognizing the LGBTQ community, Shady Grove Fertility (SGF) is hosting two events to spread awareness about the multiple family building options available to the LGBTQ community.

Tomer Singer, M.D., who sees patients in SGF’s Manhattan office, will host an LGBTQ Family Building webinar on Thursday, June 18, at noon. Interested parties must register to attend.

“SGF remains dedicated to helping the LGBTQ community achieve their family building goals, and we’re privileged to work with all individuals and couples. We’re here to educate people about their family building options, and to help them make informed choices regarding their options moving forward,” says Dr. Singer.

“The range of services we offer is diverse and comprehensive, from low tech to highly advanced, and is always tailored to the unique needs of each individual or couple. We apply the latest in assisted reproductive technology (ART) to help individuals and couples achieve successful outcomes. Many of our treatment options for same-sex and transgender couples enable both partners to participate actively in the family building process,” adds Dr. Singer.

For example, for same-sex female couples, using co-IVF, also known as reciprocal IVF, both females have the opportunity to use their eggs, or carry the pregnancy. In doing so, couples may use the same egg/sperm source, so their children are 100% genetic siblings or create embryos from each partner.

Similarly, for same sex male couples, through a treatment called intended father treatment, or dual insemination, male couples have the opportunity to each provide sperm that can be used to create an embryo when paired with an egg from an egg donor, which can then be transferred to a known or recruited gestational carrier to carry the pregnancy. SGF is home to the largest donor egg program in the United States.

SGF will also host an Instagram Live about LGBTQ family building options with Ryan Martin, M.D., who sees patients in SGF’s Warrington, PA office, on Friday, June 12 at 11:30 am. Participants may ask questions about fertility testing, treatment options such as intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilization (IVF), donor egg treatment, gestational carriers, reciprocal/co-IVF, intended father treatment, transgender options, reproductive legal considerations, psychological support services, and much more.

“Through continuous innovation and new developments in ART, we’re able to offer members of the LGBTQ community a wide variety of fertility treatment options. Many have said our environment is inclusive, nurturing, and supportive, something we take great pride in,” says Dr. Martin.

SGF has been a leader in third-party reproduction (refers to the use of eggs, sperm, or embryos that have been donated by a third person, known as the donor), for nearly 30 years, and has been a past sponsor of the Capital Pride Festival in the nation’s capital, an event that celebrates the diversity of the community and educates, supports, and inspires others to help create full equality for LGBTQ individuals and their families.

To learn more about LGBTQ family building at SGF, visit SGF’s website or schedule a virtual physician consultation with an SGF physician. Follow SGF on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about upcoming events. For inspiration, read SGF patient stories.

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