All physician-hosted events include a Q&A session for attendees to ask questions about infertility and treatment options. 

Rockville, MD – Shady Grove Fertility (SGF) will wrap up 2021’s events calendar with three, free virtual events throughout December for individuals and couples seeking to learn more about infertility and the treatment options. SGF physicians invite attendees to learn more about featured topics including what your menstrual cycle says about your fertility, in vitro fertilization (IVF), and fertility basics, all followed by a live question-and-answer session.  

Kicking off the month of events is Melanie Ochalski, M.D., who sees patients at the Lancaster, PA, office. Dr. Ochalski will host the Menstrual Cycle and Your Fertility webinar on December 2 at noon. She’ll review the basics of menstruation and ovulation, explain irregular vs. normal cycles, and describe red flags that warrant the attention of a fertility specialist sooner rather than later.  

Since SGF opened its doors 30 years ago, it has welcomed more than 100,000 SGF babies and counting into the world. While not all these babies were the result of in vitro fertilization (IVF), breakthroughs in treatments like IVF offer the possibility of children to many people who would otherwise not have the opportunity without this technology. SGF is among the premier IVF centers in the country, and Anne Hutchinson, M.D., will shed more light on the advanced treatment during the IVF webinar on December 9 at noon.  

During the webinar, Dr. Hutchinson will cover the ins and outs of IVF at SGF, including: 

  • what to expect during the IVF process, 
  • IVF success rates, and 
  • exclusive SGF financial programs, like SGF’s hallmark 100% refund program for IVF and donor egg treatment. 

“IVF can seem intimidating, but I’m here to help soften that perception by giving patients an inside look at the process,” explains Dr. Hutchinson, who sees patients in the Philadelphia, PA, office. “While many patients will not need IVF to conceive, it may be helpful that they understand the process so that if they do need this advanced treatment option, they will feel fully informed.” 

Rounding out the month of events is the Fertility 101 webinar hosted by Michael Edelstein, M.D., who sees patients in the Richmond – Stony Point and Richmond – Henrico Doctors’ – Forest offices in Virginia, on December 16 at noon. During this informative presentation, Dr. Edelstein will review what patients can expect during their first appointment including the fertility evaluation, SGF’s stepped approach to treatment, and their unique financial programs.  

December 2021 Virtual Fertility Events at a Glance 

While SGF fertility webinars are complimentary, interested parties must register to attend by visiting the SGF calendar of events. For more information, visit SGF’s growing resource library for free, on-demand webinars, E-books, and other education resources on topics such as endometriosis, PCOS, low-tech treatment options, weight and infertility, and much more. Follow SGF on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates and events.

For people struggling to conceive, it may be time to consult a fertility specialist. Contact the SGF New Patient Center at 1-888-761-1967 or complete a brief online request form to schedule a virtual fertility consult with an SGF physician. A virtual consult is the first step toward pursuing a pregnancy with the help of SGF. 

About Shady Grove Fertility (SGF)
SGF is a leading fertility and IVF center of excellence with more than 100,000 babies born from 30+ years of continuous innovation and patient-centered fertility care. With over 50 locations throughout the U.S. and in Santiago, Chile, SGF accepts most insurance plans and makes fertility treatment accessible and affordable through innovative financial solutions, including 100% refund guarantees. SGF is among the founding partner practices of US Fertility, the largest physician-owned and physician-led partnership of top-tier fertility practices nationally. Call 1-888-761-1967 to schedule a new patient appointment or visit for more information.