Shady Grove Fertility is open 365 days a year, no matter what Mother Nature has in store. When inclement weather is in the forecast, our team starts early, preparing and planning to care for patients throughout the snowstorm. Each Shady Grove Fertility office makes the decision to stay open or to close based on the condition of their location. If an office closes, patients are contacted and their appointments are either rescheduled or they are directed to travel to one of the offices that will remain open.

While some offices may close, the three offices with embryology laboratories located in Rockville, MD; Towson, MD; and Chesterbrook, PA remain open. All time-sensitive procedures, such as egg retrievals, can occur at each of these locations, allowing patients to continue treatment cycles as planned. To stay open, dedicated staff will often stay away from their families overnight in local hotels so they are able to get in to work to take care of their patients.

Patient Safety is Always a Priority

Our desire to keep patients safe extends beyond medical treatment. While coming to a Shady Grove Fertility office is imperative for some scheduled patient procedures, there are other appointments that may be rescheduled. Even embryo transfers can often be safely delayed by one day, without any compromise to the success of a treatment cycle. If your physician is comfortable rescheduling an appointment because it would not compromise your care or treatment, a Patient Service Representative from your office or your nurse will contact you directly to reschedule the appointment.

If you are unsure about the status of an upcoming appointment due to anticipated inclement weather, please contact either your office or nurse for the most current status of your appointment.