Recently, multiple prominent media outlets have been noticing and discussing Shady Grove Fertility’s size, influence, and high success rates. Following the article, “Baby Boom,” in Washingtonian’s May Issue, The Washington Post published the article, “How a tiny clinic turned into the biggest U.S. babymaker,” with Shady Grove Fertility as the central focus in both. It is easy to see why these news outlets are taking notice since 40,000 babies have been born with the help of SGF. To bring this number into perspective, The Washington Post article notes, “That’s larger than the student body of the University of Maryland. It’s about double the number of seats at Verizon Center. It’s just shy of the total population of Manassas, Va.” This large number is not only a testament to SGF’s success rates, but also to the strategic growth, relentless drive, and innovative mindset the fertility center encompasses.

What led to SGF’s 40,000 babies?

Originating in Rockville, Maryland, the three-physician practice with one location has now grown to 38* physicians with 25 locations spread across four different states. Being the largest fertility center in the country has allowed SGF to be able to “afford the bells and whistles” including, “a custom alarm system on the egg and embryo storage tanks that will call the lab director’s cell phone at any hour if the tank temperature changes,” state of the art equipment, and spacious laboratories that offer extensive space for embryologist training. How Shady Grove Fertility became the largest fertility center in the Country, though, is through unwavering dedication to patients.

Through clinical excellence, patient education, national and local advocacy, and affordable financial programs, Shady Grove Fertility has been able to help more patients build the family of their dreams than any other center in the nation.

Infertility Patient Education through Physician-Led Community Events

The team at SGF knows infertility is a difficult, uncertain place for most people, which is why physician-led seminars and webinars offer a tremendous resource for patients. The goal of these events is to help educate and support potential and current patients on a range of topics, relevant to the most common struggles or questions that can arise at any part of their journey. The Washington Post and Washingtonian both found it notable, “This year, SGF has 120 patient events on the calendar, including infertility support-group meetings and webinars about financing treatment.”

Physicians Who Advocate for Increased Benefits for Patients

Shady Grove Fertility physicians consistently act in the best interests of their patients, and when it comes to actively advocating for improved coverage and access to treatment for those facing infertility, it’s no different. One factor conducive to SGF’s ability to be at the forefront of this charge is its headquarter location being located in Maryland, “one of a few states that require insurers to cover IVF” (under the Maryland Mandate). Shady Grove Fertility physicians such as Drs. Gilbert Mottla and Stephanie Beall have testified at local and state levels for fertility preservation prior to cancer treatment to be included in the Maryland Mandate.

The benefit of having some type of insurance coverage when it comes to paying for fertility treatments is enormous, but the financial aspect is still a strenuous factor for most couples. This is the reason why co-founder, Dr. Michael Levy, created the Shared Risk Program 100% Refund Program.

Financial Options that Meet Varying Needs

The Shared Risk 100% Refund Program is a financial option, “in which patients who meet certain health standards—for instance, women must be under age 39 at the completion of their IVF cycles—can choose to pay roughly twice the amount for IVF with the promise of a refund if they don’t go home with a baby,” states the Washington Post. Sooner after he created the Shared Risk program, Dr. Levy introduced the Shared Donor Egg Program. The continuous assistance and advantage these financial programs provide is one example of how Dr. Levy and all SGF physicians continue to fight for more affordable treatment options for patients.

While every decision to grow is strategic and well thought-out, the focus was and still is to always care for one patient at a time. Our mission, or as co-founder Dr. Michael J. Levy calls it, our Golden Rule, has always been to do what’s in the best interest of the patient. “It’s all about the patient. It’s that simple,” Dr. Levy says.

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At Shady Grove Fertility, we’re here to give you the caring support you deserve as you start or grow your family. As a leading fertility and IVF center of excellence, we offer patients individualized careinnovative financial optionsover 30 accepted insurance plans, and pregnancy rates among the highest of all national centers. We offer patients the convenience of 19 full-service and 6 satellite locations across Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. More than 1,700 physicians choose Shady Grove Fertility to refer their patients, and more than 96 percent of our patients say they would recommend Shady Grove Fertility’s 38 physicians to a friend. With 10 Shady Grove Fertility babies born each day, your dream of starting or growing your family is within reach.

*SGF is listed in Washingtonian as having 39 physicians. Dr. Simon Kipersztok of the SGF Waldorf, MD office just retired, making 38 SGF physicians.