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Shared Donor Egg Program

The Shared Donor Egg Program can reduce the cost of donor egg treatment by up to 50 percent or can be combined with our Shared Risk 100% Refund Program for Donor Egg for the same cost as a single traditional donor egg cycle. By sharing donated eggs with one or two other recipients, patients are sharing in the cost of that donor. We will synchronize each recipient’s treatment cycle and share the eggs retrieved from the donor among the recipients.

The Shared Donor Egg Program is exclusively offered at Shady Grove Fertility and does not compromise pregnancy rates. There is no waiting list to receive donated eggs.

An analysis of more than 2,000 donor egg cycles at Shady Grove Fertility clearly demonstrated that the majority of egg donors will produce enough eggs to share with more than one recipient. On average, an egg donor will produce 21 eggs in a single cycle; 60 percent (13) of those eggs are fertilized and 60 percent (eight) of the fertilized eggs produce good-quality embryos. Our goal is to transfer one or two good-quality embryos to the recipient. If any extra good-quality embryos remain, we can freeze them. In the Shared Donor Egg Program, we will transfer most of the good-quality embryos to a recipient, leaving fewer embryos available to cryopreserve.

The response to this innovative program has been beyond expectation. Even more exciting, there has been no decrease in success rates when recipients share donor eggs. We are proud to provide a treatment that achieves excellent pregnancy rates at an affordable cost.

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