In this six-part blog series, we are introducing you to some of the faces behind the magic at Shady Grove Fertility. Our team members—including the laboratory technicians in our embryology, andrology, and endocrine labs—are our #1 asset and we take great pride and invest tremendous resources in recruiting, training, and retaining top talent—the patients who entrust us with their care deserve nothing less. Each member of our team plays an extremely valuable role. Whether they’re working on a clinical team or in an administrative or management capacity, the opportunity to truly change lives in a profound way is something that motivates us all. We are rewarded, knowing that, together, we are offering hope, changing lives, and building families.

Learn what it means to be a laboratory technician

What is an embryologist?

At Shady Grove Fertility, our embryologists, along with supporting laboratory technicians, are responsible for the entire embryology laboratory along with every egg that enters and every embryo that leaves. Each day starts with an audit of the incubators, media, and embryos in the culture. The team then communicates the fertilization report and next day progress of embryos in the laboratory to the patients’ individual medical team. Once they complete this daily audit, the team then starts receiving eggs from the fresh in vitro fertilization (IVF) retrievals, preparing frozen and fresh embryos for transfer, and freezing eggs and embryos for later cycles all while maintaining a pristine laboratory to promote the safety of both the staff and also the eggs and embryos within each facility.

Much of the success of our practice rests on the reliability that comes from our embryology team’s diligence in:

  • Following every protocol exactly
  • Staying accountable to every patient they treat
  • Being accountable to their jobs and patients 7 days a week 365 days a year

What is an andrology laboratory technician?

The andrology laboratory is vital for the accurate diagnosis and treatment of male factor infertility, which is contributory in 50 percent of infertile couples. Our andrology lab consists of a dozen medical technologists/laboratory technicians who specialize in:

  • Semen analysis
  • Sperm washing
  • Sperm freezing
  • Donor sperm preparation

Our laboratory technicians are responsible for analyzing and processing over 7,500 diagnostic semen analysis, 5,500 sperm washes, and 700 sperm freezes each year.  They handle each specimen with critical attention to both patient identification and quality control.

What is an endocrine laboratory technician?

Our highly specialized endocrine laboratory technicians use the most advanced automated systems to process thousands of blood samples every single day. In our endocrine laboratory, the start of every day is the same. The team diligently calibrates the testing equipment to ensure the most precise and efficient results. Once calibration is complete the team begins to process the blood samples. The results of blood testing in our lab assist in:

  • Diagnosing reproductive issues (via hormone levels)
  • Monitoring a patient’s response to ovarian stimulation medication while in cycle
  • Identifying the optimal time for a patient’s retrieval of eggs during an IVF cycle
  • Confirming a pregnancy by processing a beta blood test
  • Ongoing research in reproductive biology

What is the #1 priority of all Shady Grove Fertility lab technicians?

Quality is Shady Grove Fertility’s #1 priority. Making sure the right sperm end up with the right egg or that the right embryo is transferred to the right patient is the absolute, most important thing to our practice. An examination of the inner working of our laboratories demonstrates a combination of well-designed methods and well-trained personnel who maintain Shady Grove Fertility’s unblemished record for quality.

Where can I learn more about joining the Shady Grove Fertility Team?

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