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Embryology Laboratory

Our dedicated team of 39 embryologists across three accredited embryology labs in Rockville, MD, Towson, MD, and Chesterbrook, PA, operate under the distinct leadership of nationally and internationally known Michael J. Tucker, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Director of SGF’s IVF and Embryology Laboratories.

Our laboratory staff are responsible for the entire laboratory along with every egg that enters and every embryo that leaves. Each day starts with an audit of the incubators, media, and embryos in culture. The team then communicates the progress of each embryo in the laboratory to the patient’s individual medical team. Once they complete this daily audit the team then starts receiving eggs from the fresh in vitro fertilization (IVF) retrievals, preparing frozen and fresh embryos for transfer, and freezing eggs and embryos for later cycles all while maintaining a pristine laboratory to promote the safety for both the staff but also the eggs and embryos within the facility.

Much of the success of our practice rests on the reliability that comes from our embryology team’s diligence to follow every protocol exactly, be accountable to every patient they treat, and the extreme dedication to their jobs and patients 7 days a week 365 days a year.

Quality Control is our #1 Priority

At Shady Grove Fertility, making sure the right sperm end up with the right egg or that the right embryo is transferred to the right patient is the absolute, most important thing to our practice. An examination of the inner workings of our embryology laboratories demonstrates a combination of well-designed methods and well-trained personnel who maintain Shady Grove Fertility's unblemished record for quality.

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