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Andrology Center

Shady Grove Fertility has one of the premier andrology departments in the country. The laboratory is certified by several accrediting organizations including the Joint Commission and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). More than a dozen andrologists, along with supporting staff, analyze and process over 7,500 specimens each year. We handle each specimen critical attention to both patient identification and quality control.

With semen analysis a critical component of all initial infertility work-ups, our patients interact with our andrology team at specimen drop off. At this time, one of our andrologists will greet you to review your paperwork, check your government issued form of identification, usually in the form of a drivers license or passport, and answer any questions you might have. If your distance from the office (more than 2 hours) prohibits you from collecting a semen sample at home you may schedule an appointment to use one of our private collection rooms.

What happens to my sperm sample?

Formal procedures govern how we meticulously confirm identity of all sperm samples at each stage of processing in our Andrology Center, including during:

  • Sperm analysis
  • Sperm washing, a formal sperm preparation technique that removes harmful chemicals from the semen that may cause adverse reactions within the uterus; also used to identify the most motile, healthy sperm
  • Sperm freezing, used particularly when in the case when the male partner will not be able to provide a fresh sperm sample at the time of treatment or with males who are undergoing medical treatments, such as radiation or chemotherapy, that may otherwise affect their future fertility potential
  • Donor sperm preparation

Patients will receive their semen analysis results from their ordering physician—OB/GYN, primary care physician, urologist, or reproductive endocrinologist—within a few days. Upon review of your results, your physician will make a recommendation regarding next steps, which may include additional semen testing.

For Shady Grove Fertility patients, your reproductive endocrinologist often discusses the results of all diagnostic work-up tests during your follow-up visit.

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