While we can’t help but beam with pride when we’re recognized as a Best Place to Work, what humbles us the most is hearing from our very own staff why they love working for Shady Grove Fertility. When we recruit top talent, we seek professionals who are not only looking for a career but those who possess a unique level of passion and compassion.

When it comes to compassion, Shady Grove Fertility is unrivaled. Many of us have been in your shoes and we have our own infertility story to tell. When you trust SGF with your care, you’re embraced by a legion of believers and encouragers who will take your dream and make it their own.

In honor of our 25th Anniversary and in celebration of more than 40,000 babies born (and counting!), we share with you 25 reasons why staff say they love working for Shady Grove Fertility.

  1. “I love working for SGF because I love helping people achieve their dream of having a family and I love working with the people around me.  You can tell they love what they do.” LeeAnn Kugler, Managed Care Coordinator, Chesterbrook, PA
  2. “I love working for Shady Grove Fertility because of the strong moral compass that guides us in all that we do.” Allison Catalani, RN, Fertility Nurse Coordinator, Frederick, MD
  3. I love working for SGF because this is the only place I have ever worked where every member of the team is so dedicated to make sure our patients succeed.” Shruti Malik, M.D., Reproductive Endocrinologist, Fair Oaks, VA
  4. “Because in this crazy world, Shady Grove Fertility is one place in nursing I can actually make a huge positive difference for patients—all the while being supported by world-class physicians who really care about building happy families.” Karen Marie Woehrle, RN, Fertility Nurse Coordinator, Donor Program, Rockville, MD
  5. “The people.” Patty Stull, VP, Strategic Development, Rockville, MD
  6. “I love working for Shady Grove Fertility because when my sister passed away several years back, the entire nursing and physician staff at our home office came out to her funeral to support me. It was at that time that I knew this was no ordinary work place. Shady Grove Fertility will always have a special place in my heart because of that.” Shay Hutchinson, Clinical Administrative Assistant, Annandale, VA
  7. “I love working for SGF because of the amazing ways they forever change the lives of so many people by what they do.” Rhonda Book, Patient Services Representative, Annapolis, MD
  8. “I love working for SGF because we administer HOPE to all of our patients, by any means necessary, and our patients love that.” LisCha Tolbert, RN, Annandale, VA
  9. “I love working for SGF because I love my “TEAM” and how we work together as one to achieve success for our patients.” Jazmin Laracuente, Donor Financial Coordinator, Rockville, MD
  10. “I love working for SGF because we always put the patient first, medically, financially, and emotionally. We are a practice offering the highest level of care and attention!” Christina Belmonte, Director, Practice Development, Philadelphia Metro Area
  11. “What I appreciate most about SGF is that we always make decisions based on what’s best for the patient—it always has been and will remain about the patient.” Michael J. Levy, MD, Co-founder and Director of IVF
  12. “I love working for SGF because I have the opportunity to serve others every day.” Jamie Wagner, Clinical Infomatics Analyst, Rockville, MD
  13. “I love working for SGF because of the amount of passion everyone has for providing the best service and care to our patients!” Maria Movsessian, Practice Development Manager, Baltimore Metro Area
  14. “I love working for Shady Grove Fertility because the staff members are committed to providing world class fertility care to our patients.” Margaret Ann Connors, Donor Program Department, Rockville, MD
  15. I love working for Shady Grove Fertility because enjoying what you do every day and who you do it with is so rewarding that I don’t consider it work. I considered it a privilege!” Steve Zito, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
  16. “I love working for SGF because they’ve always supported my personal growth along with my career growth. They encourage education and reaching for your goals. The managers and doctors I’ve worked with have been extremely supportive, encouraging, and challenge me to be better. They’ve also been understanding of work-life balance and helpful in overcoming my weaknesses, fears, and doubts!  It’s like having extra parents, aunts, and uncles that truly care about what happens to you as a person.” Emily Overby, Clinical Administrative Assistant, K Street, Washington, D.C.
  17. “Because we’re a part of making the best phone calls ever (a positive beta pregnancy test)!!!” Mary Hartman, RN, Annandale, VA
  18. “I love working for SGF because it makes me strive to be the best person and professional possible. Each day is a new opportunity to be the best version of yourself; positively impacting the life of someone else!” Michele Purcell, MHA, RN, Director, Donor Egg & Egg Freezing Programs, Rockville, MD
  19. “I love working for SGF because we give couples of all types the opportunity to become parents and establish long lasting relationships with our patients.” Leah Collins, Patient Services Representative
  20. “I love working here because Shady Grove Fertility is like a family—a family consisting of many diversely skilled individuals performing their roles and tasks to the best of their abilities in an effort achieve a common goal. In a family you take on responsibility, accountability, and train generations to come. You laugh, you cry, and you find ways to improve. You never give up and you never give up on each other.  This same attitude (though unspoken) is practiced at Shady Grove Fertility. It is integrated and woven into patient care, which is the reason I love working here. Patients become family—family we laugh with and cry with all while giving them a reason to believe and never give up. We are a family and share a common goal of creating families and taking care of the Shady Grove Fertility Families.” Angela Edmonds FNP-BC, Family Nurse Practitioner-Board Certified, Rockville, MD
  21. “I love working for SGF because there is no better feeling than seeing a family come together and knowing that I have made a difference in someone’s happiness. It’s invigorating and the best outcome to be a part of.” Barbara Rollins, Carefirst Team, Patient Financial Services, Rockville, MD
  22. “I love Shady Grove Fertility because we help make dreams come true to those who never thought it could happen. I’m very proud to be a part of that.” Barbara Jenkins-Miner, Patient Services Representative, Fair Oaks, VA
  23. “I love working for SGF because SGF cares deeply about patients and staff; I’ve never worked at a place where it truly feels like family.” Shatoya Parker, LPN, Patient Care Coordinator, Annandale, VA
  24. “I love working for SGF because of the legacies that we create. We are taking couples and creating families.” Michelle Dorsey, Clinical Administrative Assistant, Annapolis, MD
  25. “I LOVE working for SGF. Each and every day I wake up, I am thankful I have this place to come to. I will be forever grateful for the amazing colleagues and patients I interact with on a daily basis. I AM BLESSED to be here and not a day goes by without me knowing that.” Tina Linton, RN, Rockville, MD

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