In honor of our 25th Anniversary year and in celebration of more than 40,000 babies born, we can’t help but beam with pride at the difference our physicians have made in the lives of so many. Each infertility journey is unique but one thing our patients can rely on is the personalized, compassionate care of our physicians. And one thing our physicians can rely on is the committed team of professionals who back them and persevere alongside them every day… our amazing staff of 600+ dedicated men and women.


Our patients say it best… 25 reasons why we LOVE our Shady Grove Fertility doctors.
1. “I felt like I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.”
2. “She kept trying and did not give up and now I am nine months pregnant with my little miracle.”
3. “While there are no guarantees in life, the medical expertise, nursing care, and compassion we received made all the difference in our success.”
4. “Whenever I needed him he was there.”
5. “She wants success for you and will do anything for that.”

6. “This doctor lives and breathes success and positive outcomes.”
7. “The staff is professional, courteous, and caring… They very much made me feel valued and took such good care of me.”
8. “Your upbeat personality was contagious and uplifting… You and your team touched hearts deeply.”
9. “I think the combination of her care combined with SGF’s facilities and knowledge and the shared risk program makes for a really smart IVF decision.”
10. “From the moment we met [our physician], we knew we were in good hands, that we had met someone that we could trust with a dream that was so precious to us.”
11. “I felt immediately at ease… like walking into a hug. With so much uncertainty swirling in my head, it was nice to work with her; she put me immediately at ease.”


12. “She is so incredibly knowledgeable with infertility and IVF, but she is like talking to a girlfriend.”
13. “My doctor has gone above and beyond in ways I never could have imagined.”
14. “[He] gave me hope again.”
15. “The personal care I received from him was really incredible.”
16. “We felt genuinely cared for, in all sense of the word.”
17. “I went to many doctors, and she was the only doctor to truly listen to me and my symptoms, and as a result, was able to actually diagnose and treat the cause of my ’unexplained’ infertility.”
18. “He offered to chat or touch base with me any time I was feeling out of touch with the office or had any concerns. Wonderful!”

19. “It was a huge relief to know I was in good hands and they were paying close attention.”
20. “His knowledge, his professionalism, and his team made me feel at ease throughout our entire journey.”
21. “I feel confident in his care and truly appreciate the time he took with us and made us feel like his only appointment for the day.”
22. “I really appreciate the way in which he provided feedback and his overall concern for my health… as well as the health of my hopeful baby.”
23. “They understood the emotional toll that the process puts a couple through and were both available to talk whenever we had a question or just needed encouragement.”
24. “The knowledge, love, support and patience of the docs, nurses and staff have been a blessing to us.”
25. “She is obviously a successful doctor, but most importantly – a friend. Thank you for your positive, encouraging words, and spirit.”

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