Egg donors make motherhood possible for many women who are unable to use their own eggs to conceive; helping more than 5,000 patients become parents through egg donation. The Egg Donor Program at SGF values each donor and her choice to donate in hopes of helping a couple. We also know that egg donation is a time commitment and we will compensate you for your time and effort during your time as a patient with SGF.

Our Egg Donor Team receives many questions from women about how egg donors will be compensated during and after the egg donation process. Our donors are paid at select steps throughout the pre-screening process, as well as after the egg retrieval. We understand the significant amount of commitment that is put into the pre-screening of our donors and want to be sure that we are optimizing the egg donor candidate’s experience from a physical, emotional, and financial perspective.

How Compensation Works

Step 1: Submit an Initial Application.

Step 2: Complete your Egg Donor Profile.

Step 3: Schedule your baseline appointment and receive $50 after your appointment.

Step 4: Upon the completion of the final donor eligibility testing and acceptance into the program, you will receive $450. If you’re not accepted for any reason, you’ll still receive $200 at this point.

Step 5: At the completion of your donation cycle, at the egg retrieval, you will receive $6,500. This brings the total compensation for one cycle to $7,000.

Step 6: After 6 to 8 weeks, our team will invite you, assuming you are eligible, to donate again. Donors who complete a second donation cycle will receive another $7,500 upon completion of the donation cycle. For cycles 3 through 6, you will receive $8,000 each cycle (lifetime donation max is six donations).

Should you need help uploading pictures, completing your profile, or getting your questions answered, please email [email protected].