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Completing the Egg Donor Profile

the egg donor profile

The Egg Donor Profile is the second phase of the application process and is one of the most important steps to become an egg donor. The Egg Donor Profile is included in the screening process because it not only allows us to learn more about our applicants, but once complete, it serves as the only document that donor egg recipients will receive to help them select their egg donor.

Get Started: Check Your Email

Once you are initially accepted to become an egg donor, you will receive an email from noreply@fertilityselection.com with your username and password. If you submitted an application and have not received a response, check your spam or junk mail. Email providers filter unrecognizable emails if not saved as a contact.

Guidelines and Expectations

The Egg Donor Profile consists of personal and family medical history, interests, personal accomplishments and goals, photos, and much more. Be comprehensive, thorough, and let your personality shine.

  • Applicants with comprehensive and well thought out Profiles have a higher chance of being accepted as an egg donor and selected by recipients.
  • Once you begin working on your Profile you will be able to save, exit, and return later to finish working it. Be sure to save early and often as you complete the Profile.
  • Once the Egg Donor Profile is submitted, applicants will no longer have access to it and will be unable to make changes. We recommend applicants proof their responses prior to submitting.

Complete The Profile

If you have lost your username and password, please email donorliaisons@sgfertility.com.

Tips to Complete Your Egg Donor Profile

3 Common Stumbling Blocks

No matter what recipients are looking for, they all want a donor who has taken the time to complete her Profile in full, provided good-quality photos, and answered the essay questions as thoroughly as possible.

1. Medical History
We are looking for your personal medical history, your immediate family, and even extended family medical history.

  • Talk with trusted family members to learn more about your family medical history. If you would prefer to keep your decision to donate eggs private, previous SGF donors have shared a few ways to navigate around this. One donor told her family she needed the information for a school project, while another donor said that she was seeking medical details in order to be seen by a new doctor.
  • Remember, everyone has something, and no one is perfect, so find out as much as you can. Also, “natural cause of death” may be true for some, but the more specific you are able to be, the better.

2. Personal Statements/Essays
This is an opportunity to share more about your personality, interests, goals, and reason for donating with prospective recipients. They want to know who you are, so let yourself shine!

  • Proper grammar is key. Worried about typos? Copy and paste your statements into a Microsoft Word document and use the spell check feature.
  • Leaving a section blank is considered incomplete, so be sure to give yourself a good opportunity by thinking of creative but honest answers.

3. Photos
Even though all of our egg donors have the opportunity to remain unidentified and not share their adult photos, each egg donor is still required to submit adult pictures. Egg donor applicants are required to submit two adult photos and five childhood photos. All childhood photos must be between the ages of four and eleven (newborn photos are adorable, but we are looking for your pictures where we can see more of your older adorable characteristics).

  • No selfies, please. Yes, we know, selfies look really good sometimes, but we will not accept selfies as your adult photos.
  • Not sure how to discretely ask for copies of childhood photos? Egg donors have shared that they acquired these by saying it was for a school project or even just out of curiosity.
  • No access to a scanner or copier? No problem. Download the Pic Scanner app for iPhone or the CamScanner for Android, or feel free to mail them to us and we can upload them for you.

Should you need help uploading pictures, completing your profile, or getting your questions answered, please contact our donor liaisons.

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