5 Reasons for Donating Eggs

If you are considering donating eggs, there are a lot of things to consider—from dedicating time, to investigating your family history, to actually donating eggs. Some of these considerations might seem daunting, but there are many, many positive reasons to embark on the egg donation journey. Today, we share just a few that have resonated with the thousands of women who have donated eggs with Shady Grove Fertility.

  1. Donating eggs allows me to be a part of modern medicine.
    If you donate eggs, you have the opportunity to learn more about your body than you could have ever imagined. Through various simple tests, you will learn about human reproduction, your menstrual cycle, the number of eggs you currently have, if you have any genetic diseases, and much more.
  2. Donating eggs allows me to make a positive impact in someone’s life.
    Due to a woman’s age, her current medical situation, and many other reasons, there are many women and men across the world who need donated eggs to have a baby. And a lot of these couples come to SGF to find an egg donor. As an egg donor, you have the opportunity to fill a need they never knew they had, and help them have the family of their dreams. Many women say they feel an overwhelming sense of empathy and empowerment by helping someone else in such a grand and irreplaceable way.
  3. Donating eggs provided compensation for my time and efforts that helped me reach my goals.
    At Shady Grove Fertility, the overwhelming majority of women say the primary reason they donate is for altruism. However, because we provide generous compensation for your time, dedication, and willingness to undergo elective surgery, many women have shared with us that they have been able to pay off their debt, pay for grad school, help them plan for the future, and much more.
  4. Donating eggs showed me that I can accomplish a new goal.
    From the application process, through testing and Donor Day, to being accepted as an egg donor and selected for egg donation can take about 3 to 4 months. This opportunity proves that you are dedicated and responsible. It proves you are able to seek out a goal and accomplish it. (And you might even learn some great things about yourself along the way as you complete your personal and family profile and meet with a social worker during your psychological evaluation.)
  5. Donating eggs gave me a new sense of self worth and a new community. 
    Of the women who apply for egg donation at Shady Grove Fertility, only 3 percent are selected. For those selected, they join a small community of women who were also able to impact someone’s life in a grand and meaningful way. Donating eggs is an admirable decision and journey and even though you will never meet the recipient(s) of your eggs, you can be reassured that you changed someone’s life forever.

Learn more about the Shady Grove Fertility Egg Donor Program or apply today to see if you are eligible for egg donation. For questions, call 1-877-DonateEggs.