In this six-part blog series, we are introducing you to some of the faces behind the magic at Shady Grove Fertility. Our team members are our #1 asset and we take great pride and invest tremendous resources in recruiting, training, and retaining top talent—the patients who entrust us with their care deserve nothing less. Each member of our team plays an extremely valuable role. Whether they’re working on a clinical team or in an administrative or management capacity, the opportunity to truly change lives in a profound way is something that motivates us all. We are rewarded knowing that, together, we are offering hope, changing lives, and building families.

Your Patient Service Representative

The patient service representatives at Shady Grove Fertility are an integral member of the patient care team—a team whose mission is to enhance the patient experience and work closely with our physicians throughout various aspects of the diagnostic and treatment process.

What is a Patient Service Representative?

A patient service representative is someone who greets our patients and visitors and provides a high level of customer service by:

  • Optimizing patients satisfaction, provider time, and facility utilization through appropriate and efficient scheduling practices
  • Maintaining accurate patient accounts by obtaining, recording, and updating personal, financial, and insurance information to ensure timely service and processing
  • Addressing issues in a timely manner to provide excellent customer service
  • providing a broad overview of regarding patients benefits, coverage, and financial questions prior to their financial consultation.

What role do Patient Service Representatives play on the health care team?

Our caring and compassionate patient services representatives are our front-line staff who answer incoming calls and greet incoming guests, including patients, to our practice. They are the “face” of Shady Grove Fertility and, in some respects, set the tone for the experience. They do so much more than check in patients and help to ensure each patient has his or her completed paperwork, they connect, they console, and they celebrate right alongside our patients. Many SGF team members throughout the practice have been in your shoes, so we are uniquely aware of the highs and lows that often accompany this journey to parenthood. Our PSRs get involved in your story, hurt when you hurt, and rejoice in your good news. They are there for you to lend you a smile, a listening ear, or some helpful information to make each appointment as easy and efficient as possible.

“I love being a PSR because we are the first ones to start the relationship with the patients.  They see us first and last as they come and go and we have the opportunity to give them words of encouragement and make this experience as seamless as possible.  I love to see my patients happy and satisfied regardless of their outcome.” – Celia Davis

What makes Shady Grove Fertility Patient Service Representatives unique?

“The staff is wonderful and caring. I have to say, everyone there was lovely and they all seem very good at what they do. The ladies at the front desk are always so welcoming and smiley.  I hope they all keep doing what they are doing for a long time because they ROCK!”

“The front desk staff is wonderful. They are always smiling, prompt, and efficient.”

“Before going to SGF I had visited another fertility clinic. I can say that the service provided by SGF is outstanding. At the other place I was treated as a number. At SGF I am treated like a human being. I am still on the 2 week waiting period, but I am satisfied with the service.”

Where can I learn more about joining the Shady Grove Fertility Team?

Visit Shady Grove Fertility Careers to see how your work could impact someone’s life in a truly meaningful way.

Shady Grove Fertility’s team of dedicated New Patient Liaisons are available to answer your questions and schedule a consultation with a physician. Call 877-971-7755 or click to schedule an appointment