In this six-part blog series, we’ll introduce you to some of the faces behind the magic at Shady Grove Fertility. Our team members are our #1 asset and we take great pride and invest tremendous resources in recruiting, training, and retaining top talent—the patients who entrust us with their care deserve nothing less. Each member of our team plays an extremely valuable role. Whether they’re working on a clinical team or in an administrative or management capacity, the opportunity to truly change lives in a profound way is something that motivates us all. We are rewarded knowing that, together, we are offering hope, changing lives, and building families.

Your Patient Care Team
Shady Grove Fertility has become a leading fertility center because we are able to offer patients the best of both worlds—individualized care and consistently exceptional pregnancy rates.  The ability to achieve this balance comes from a concerted effort to ensure the patient has clear points of contact at all times through clearly defined patient care teams. As a patient, you will have a fertility care team that consists of your physician, a primary nurse, a clinical administrative assistant, and a financial counselor.  This core group, who is in consistent communication with one another, orchestrates every aspect of your care on a daily basis. Additionally, they will point you to additional support systems such as our integrated Psychological Support Services program or holistic fertility therapies through Pulling Down the Moon.

Your Primary Nurse
The fertility nurse coordinators at Shady Grove Fertility are an integral member of the patient care team—a team whose mission is to enhance the patient experience and work closely with our physicians in all aspects of the care spectrum. We operate under a primary nurse model, which means that each patient is under the care of a primary nurse. During treatment, while you will be introduced to other caregivers, your primary team monitors your progress and is just a phone call away. In the instance when your primary care nurse is unavailable or out of the office, you can rest assured that another nurse on the patient care team has been kept abreast of your status and progress and can answer any questions for you.

What is a fertility nurse coordinator?
A fertility nurse coordinator is someone who holds a valid nursing license and has completed all of the required educational and clinical requirements of the profession. He/she shows demonstrated proficiency in electronic medical record administration as well as IVF, fertility, and women’s health.

What role do fertility nurse coordinators play on the health care team?
In addition to the physicians, our fertility nurse coordinators are often a primary point of contact with our patients. They help coordinate the care and treatment of our fertility patients by providing education and counseling regarding what to expect throughout the diagnostic and treatment processes. Our nurses provide ovulation induction (OI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure teaching, coordinate patient treatment plans in conjunction with established clinical protocols, and maintain a compassionate environment by providing emotional and psychological support to our patients and their families.

What makes Shady Grove Fertility nurse coordinators unique?
In one word, “heart.” Here is what some SGF patients had to say:

  • “The nurses were amazing. So friendly and approachable, with helpful tips and answers to my questions as far as diet and exercise following the retrieval. In the operating room, I felt like the nurses and everyone enjoyed working as a team and it was an upbeat, friendly environment to walk in to.”
  •  “My nurse became my nurturing and comforting “rock” throughout the fertility treatment. She was very patient with my numerous questions. She was very prompt with results. I fully trust her and would recommend her to anyone considering fertility treatments at Shady Grove Fertility.”
  •  “My nurse was AWESOME! She took the time to listen to everything I had to say. I have the utmost confidence in her!”
Elizabeth Zapp, RN
2015 Virginia Nurses Foundation’s 40 Under 40 Awardee

While many of our patients recognize our dedicated nurses for their devotion and exceptional care, they are not the only ones. Annually, the Virginia Nurses Foundation recognizes the top nurses in the field throughout the state. We are excited to announce one of our own nurses, Elizabeth Zapp, RN, was among the 2015 distinguished award winners. In November, Elizabeth will receive the Virginia Nurses Foundation’s 40 Under 40 award. Elizabeth was selected from a record number of nominees as one of Virginia’s outstanding young nurse leaders because of her achievements in professional practice, leadership, and positive promotion and advancement of the nursing profession beyond the practice setting.

Pam Collins, RN – Shady Grove Fertility team member since 2004

“My experience as a Shady Grove Fertility nurse began in 2004. Each year has been challenging and has provided an opportunity for personal growth and professional development. The people who work for Shady Grove Fertility work hard and their level of dedication mirrors my own. My dedication stems from the satisfaction gained every day working with patients who need our expertise and attention. Especially rewarding is the degree of hope I can give my patients on their fertility journey. I am proud to be a part of an amazing team of individuals working toward a common goal.”

Where can I learn more about joining the Shady Grove Fertility Team?
Visit to see how your work could impact someone’s life in a truly meaningful way.

Shady Grove Fertility’s team of dedicated New Patient Liaisons are available to answer your questions and schedule a consultation with a physician. Call 877-971-7755 or click to schedule an appointment