In the past few years, the market has become flooded with apps that promise to help women become pregnant. Some clinicians would suggest that fertility apps have significant value because they often make women more aware of their cycles and encourage healthy habits before conception.

Veronica Rosales-Beck, Dr. Eric Levens, and Jummy Olabanji of WJLA: ABC7 News.

Jummy Olabanji from WJLA: ABC7 News recently interviewed Eric D. Levens, M.D., of Shady Grove Fertility’s Annandale, VA office to discuss the growing fertility app trend and how it can help patients become pregnant. Dr. Levens explained how apps can be very helpful tools, as they can provide electronic reminders and other functions to help women better understand their bodies.

Dr. Levens’ patient, Veronica, was also interviewed for this story, as she used technology before beginning fertility treatment and continued to use it throughout treatment as well. Veronica knew from a very young age that she had polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which meant that she had irregular periods (among other symptoms). She used an app called iPeriod by Winkpass to help her track her cycle in an attempt to discover when she was ovulating. Veronica said, “I realized that being proactive about it and having information ready when it was time to have my baby would be key.”

While using this app, Veronica began communicating with other women via a forum and decided to create a private group on Facebook for other women going through similar experiences. Since August 2013, 75 percent of the members of this support community have successfully conceived, including Veronica, who now has a two-month old son, Marcelo.

Apps have the ability to help women form communities like Veronica did, help them get healthy, and become more aware of their cycles. Here is a rundown of some of the largest trending apps on the market, many of which recently appeared on

1. Glow

The Glow app tracks your menstrual cycle, basal body temperatures, and ovulation; reminds you when you’re fertile; and includes daily health tips.
Unique feature: The Glow Genius feature provides you with personalized insights about you and your body to optimize your fertility. Available on iOS and Android

2. Fertility Friend

Fertility Friend has an advanced ovulation calculator, menstrual calendar, fertility chart, and period tracker. The app also includes education, advanced tools and tips, and forums where you can speak with others who are trying to conceive.
Unique feature: Fertility Friend offers personal, timely insights and will alert you to your ovulation date and the best dates to conceive. Available on iOS and Android

3. Wink

Wink is an oral fertility thermometer by Kindara that rapidly and accurately records your basal body temperature, which can tell you when you are fertile and when you are not.
Unique feature: Wink syncs with Kindara’s fertility app that lets you track your menstrual cycle, cervical fluid, and sexual activity. Available for iOS and Android

4. Ovia Fertility

The Ovia fertility app by Ovuline can help you track your personal cycle data. It has an ovulation calculator and calendar, expert articles on conception and fertility, predictions and support for irregular periods.
Unique feature: Unlike many fertility apps, Ovia also features a “not trying to conceive” mode. Available for iOS and Android

5. Daysy

Daysy is a basal body thermometer and computer that tracks your cycle, analyzes your data over time, and uses statistics to help you discover your fertility window. The daysyView app helps you access your data, view charts, and share your information with your partner.
Unique feature: Daysy, which suggests an accuracy rate of 99.3 percent, is all natural and side-effect free. App available for iOS


The KNOWHEN Saliva Fertility Monitor is a handheld mini-microscope that monitors a woman’s ovulation using a single drop of saliva. The app provided with the monitor has a calendar with your ovulation results in order to help you keep track of your fertility cycle.
Unique feature: KNOWHEN claims that it has 98 percent clinically-proven accuracy and has been FDA-cleared. Available for iPhone and on the web


ONDO is a basal thermometer that sends your daily basal body temperature straight to your smartphone via the Ovatemp app. The app can also track your period, cervical fluid, and sexual activity.
Unique feature: ONDO has fertility coaching programs with tips on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle that are personalized to optimize your health and fertility. Available for iOS

A Valuable Resource for Women’s Health

While apps cannot guarantee conception, they can be a valuable resource for

  • helping you to know your body better
  • giving you a sense of control in the conception process
  • providing you with advice and personalized information for keeping an active lifestyle while trying to get pregnant

It’s important to remember that apps, though a valuable tool, cannot treat infertility. If you are younger than 35 years old and have been trying to conceive for more than one year, between 35-40 and trying for 6 months, or over 40 and have been trying for 3 months, we recommend that you see a fertility specialist.

If you would like to receive more information about fertility treatment or if you would like to schedule an appointment with a fertility specialist, please speak with one of our New Patient Liaisons at 877-971-7755.