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About US Fertility

US Fertility Partner SGF


S Fertility, the largest physician-owned, physician-led partnership of top-tier fertility practices in the U.S., is united under a shared mission: to drive innovation and leverage best practices to enhance both the patient experience and improve treatment outcomes. Our collective clinical and operational expertise provides our fertility partner practices with advanced business and digital solutions that streamline and enhance the delivery of exceptional patient care.

How does SGF being a US Fertility partner benefit me as a patient?

  • Distinction through innovation.
    We offer patients every advantage to achieving a pregnancy by employing the most advanced technology, investing in research, and continually innovating approaches that improve the patient experience. We also prioritize making care affordable through exclusive financial programs, including 100% refund options.

  • Personalized patient care and support.
    When you choose a US Fertility centers, you’re never an island. You’re never without answers. We foster a community where patients are encouraged and engaged every step of the way. We’re a community with heart. You are never alone. Our care team will personalize a treatment approach specific to your goals, values, circumstances, and medical history.

  • Experience and proven results.
    With more than 130,000 babies born and counting, our network has an indisputable track record. Our physician-led team is a collection of some of the most respected, exceptional fertility specialists in the field, backed by the finest research scientists, embryologists, geneticists, nurses, and care coordinators. And the medicine we practice is the most proven. That’s why we’re the proud home to more babies born than any other network in the nation.
  • Access to financial programs that make quality fertility care affordable.
    We understand facing infertility is challenging enough. Navigating through your many financial options doesn't have to be. In the event insurance doesn’t cover, we offer a variety of discount and refund guarantee programs that take the worry out of paying for infertility treatment. Now patients can pursue treatment without having to weigh cost versus chances of success, and without sacrificing high quality medical care.

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