Rockville, MD – US Fertility (“USF”), the largest physician-owned and physician-led management services organization supporting leading fertility programs across the United States and internationally, today announced it has created the largest physician partnership of reproductive endocrinologists in the U.S. Through this partnership, affiliated practices will gain access to best-in-class non-clinical, administrative, and technical platforms that streamline and simplify the delivery of fertility care.

USF was formed earlier this year through a partnership between Amulet Capital Partners, LP (“Amulet”), a middle-market private equity investment firm based in Greenwich, CT, focused exclusively on the healthcare sector, and Shady Grove Fertility (“SGF”), the largest independent fertility practice in the U.S. The new entity offers a variety of technical platforms to effectively manage clinical and business information systems, facilities and operations, finance and accounting, physician recruitment and credentialing, legal, risk management, lab operations, business development, and fertility treatment financing programs, to name a few.

“While the COVID-19 pandemic created a significant disruption in our industry, it also created the opportunity for several of the nation’s leading fertility programs to join forces and become better positioned for the future. US Fertility is the culmination of decades of friendships and professional alliances with like-minded experts who share a common vision,” reflected Mark Segal, CEO of USF. “The synergy created by this collaboration enhances our collective ability to provide the most advanced fertility care and superior outcomes to patients across the United States and abroad more efficiently,” added Segal.

SGF is joined by Fertility Centers of Illinois (“FCI”), Reproductive Science Center of the San Francisco Bay Area (“RSC Bay”), and IVF Florida (“IVF FL”) in becoming founding practices of US Fertility. Collectively, the USF network currently comprises 55 locations across 10 states and, through its clinics and over 80 physicians, completed nearly 25,000 IVF cycles in 2018. More than 130,000 babies have been born through assistance by partner practices.

Segal added, “USF will help centers expand their footprint organically in existing markets, while seeking to form new strategic partnerships with other highly respected fertility programs who are looking to leverage the USF management services and technology platforms to support their continued growth.”

Michael J. Levy, M.D., Co-Founder and President of SGF, said, “For years, we’ve been talking with our colleagues at the other founding practices about formalizing a partnership such as USF, and I’m incredibly excited that it has finally become a reality. Our collaboration on a national scale will not only enhance each practices’ ability to deliver best in class clinical care, but globally, this alliance will advance our science tremendously by spurring innovation through ongoing clinical research.”

Christopher Sipe, M.D., Medical Director of FCI, remarked, “We’re thrilled to be partnering with the other founding practices and the management team at USF. Combining our resources with other leading fertility programs and USF unites us under a common goal—to provide the highest level of clinical care in the most cost effective, value-driven manner so that more patients may achieve their dream of a family.”

“We’ve built mutually beneficial partnerships with well-respected colleagues, all of whom value contributing to the evolution of mindful, forward-thinking business and technology systems that will position us for success for many years to come,” said Louis Weckstein, M.D., Medical Director of RSC Bay.

David I. Hoffman, M.D., of IVF FL, commented, “The medical practices and the management team that have been assembled at USF are second to none. We see tremendous opportunities for growth in our markets that will help us reach more patients. We couldn’t ask for better partners in USF and Amulet to support our mission to better serve our patient base.”

Carl Zimmerman, Vice President at Amulet, remarked, “Reproductive medicine is at an inflection point, driven by advances in technology, improvements in outcomes, and a growing need among patients across the globe looking to start a family. US Fertility is differentiated as a physician-led platform and we’re excited to partner with the nation’s leading fertility programs and an excellent management team in expanding patient access to care and being the partner of choice for top-tier fertility practices.”

About US Fertility

US Fertility is the largest, physician-owned and physician-led, integrated network of top-tier IVF/fertility practices in the United States, offering comprehensive fertility-market-focused non-clinical, administrative, and technical platforms that help domestic and international practices improve patient outcomes and increase profitability. To learn more about partnership- or affiliate-status benefits, call 914-908-3289 or visit

About Amulet Capital Partners, LP

Amulet Capital Partners, LP is a middle-market private equity investment firm based in Greenwich, CT, focused exclusively on the healthcare sector. Amulet seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation through privately negotiated investments in companies. Amulet Capital Partners focuses on those segments it believes have the most attractive long-term fundamentals with a target investment size generally between $25 million to $150 million. For additional information, please visit