Rockville, MD – With one in eight couples experiencing infertility, those struggling to conceive are often unaware that early fertility evaluation and treatment greatly improves their ability to become pregnant. In an effort to inform the community, Shady Grove Fertility (SGF)—a premier fertility and IVF center with locations throughout FL, GA, MD, NY, PA, VA, and D.C.—provides resources to educate and help individuals and couples overcome infertility.

In a 2018 survey of SGF patients, 65 percent of respondents said they wish they had seen a fertility specialist sooner; therefore, addressing common misconceptions about fertility is one of the many reasons SGF chooses to educate and spread awareness through live and virtual events.

“Infertility is often thought of as a female problem,” says Natalie Stentz, M.D., of SGF Atlanta. “But the reality is, up to 50 percent of all infertility diagnoses are in fact attributed to the male.”

Dr. Stentz is one of nine physicians who will host a live “What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting” seminar in November, Men’s Health Awareness Month, where attendees will learn about the patient journey at SGF and what to expect under the care of a fertility specialist.

“Many people are hesitant to make that initial appointment because they’re unsure of the process. We want to alleviate those fears. Our events allow attendees to gain the confidence they will need to make informed decisions, sooner than later,” says Stentz, who will host on Wednesday, November 13, at 6:30 pm at SGF’s Buckhead-Piedmont office in Atlanta, GA.

Throughout the month of November, the practice will host six in-person seminars and three virtual webinars, each concluding with a question and answer session where attendees can address their concerns with practice physicians. SGF’s November event topics will cover in vitro fertilization (IVF), what your menstrual cycle says about your fertility, financial options, and more.

“In many cases, the cause of infertility can be determined with four easy tests,” says Caleb Kallen, M.D., who sees patients in SGF’s Chesterbrook and Philadelphia, PA offices. “In such situations, treating the underlying condition is critical, so early diagnosis and intervention are key to realizing success. In other cases, test results are normal despite a delay in becoming pregnant; this is called ‘unexplained infertility’. Importantly, there are effective treatments for that too.” Dr. Kallen will host a “What Your Menstrual Cycle Says about Your Fertility” virtual webinar on Tuesday, November 12, at 12 noon.

In accordance with national guidelines, if a female is under the age of 35 and has not conceived after 12 months of unprotected sex, SGF recommends seeing a fertility specialist. If a female is 35-39, SGF recommends seeing a specialist after 6 months of unprotected sex if conception has not occurred. If a female is 39 or older, SGF recommends seeing a specialist after 3 months of unprotected sex and no conception, or right away.

However, if a woman of any age is having irregular periods or does not have a period at all, it may mean ovulation is not happening, making it very difficult, if not impossible, to conceive with assistance. Ovulatory disorders are a common cause of infertility for women, therefore, SGF recommends consulting a fertility specialist if looking to conceive.

There are other warning signs that warrant an early fertility evaluation. See When to See a Fertility Specialist to learn more.

While all SGF in-person and online events are complimentary, interested parties must register to attend by visiting the SGF calendar of events.

November Fertility Seminars
November 5 | Mechanicsburg, PA | Kara Nguyen, M.D.
November 6 | Leesburg, VA | Naveed Khan, M.D.
November 7 | Annapolis, MD | Rebecca Chason, M.D.
November 13 | Atlanta, GA | Natalie Stentz, M.D.
November 13 | Richmond, VA | Erika Johnston-MacAnanny, M.D.
November 14 | Columbia, MD | Joseph Osheroff, M.D.

November Fertility Webinars
November 6 | Getting Started | Ricardo Yazigi, M.D.
November 12 | What Your Menstrual Cycle Says about Your Fertility | Caleb Kallen, M.D.
November 13 | IVF Webinar | Jason Bromer, M.D.

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