Rockville, MD – As open enrollment nears, Shady Grove Fertility (SGF) recognizes that people may consider seeking fertility treatment and will need helpful information to guide them along their decision-making process. Throughout November, SGF will offer free virtual events on a diverse agenda of topics including weight and fertility, male fertility, what to expect when you’re not expecting, and helpful tips for navigating Open Enrollment.

“Whether you are changing employers or prepping for open enrollment from November 1 to December 15, SGF can lend a hand by sharing helpful information about treatment at our Center that’s more affordable than you may think,” Jennifer Cockburn, Financial Services Educator at SGF explains. She will be hosting the Open Enrollment and Financial webinar on November 18.

One in eight couples will experience infertility, but they don’t have to go through it alone. SGF understands that when people have a better understanding of what defines infertility and when to see a specialist, they can feel more confident seeking further help. Melanie Ochalski, M.D., will host the What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting webinar on November 19 to empower viewers with insights on:

  • how reproductive endocrinologists define infertility,
  • common causes of infertility, four simple tests that help to determine the underlying reason behind the inability to conceive,
  • treatment options,
  • success rates,
  • what to expect during an initial physician video consultation,
  • financial and insurance options, and much more.

Another underlying cause that can attribute to infertility is a person’s weight. Caleb Kallen, M.D., Ph.D., will host the Weight and Fertility webinar on November 4 to shed light on how to maintain a healthy body mass index (BMI) for overall lifestyle impact and to improve pregnancy rates.

Additionally, while it may be surprising to some, 40 to 50 percent of infertility cases are due, in part or in whole, to male factor infertility. Board certified reproductive urologist, Paul Shin, M.D., will host the Male Fertility webinar on November 12 to arm patients with the truth behind causes, treatments, and success rates of male factor infertility.

“Oftentimes, people correlate infertility with the woman because she’s the one who will carry the baby, but the reality is that it takes two to make a baby,” explains Dr. Shin. “It’s critical to test male partners upfront as well to overcome possible financial and time-sensitive setbacks.”

November Virtual Fertility Events at a Glance

  • November 4 @ 12 pm | Weight and Fertility webinar | Dr. Caleb Kallen
  • November 12 @ 12 pm | Male Fertility webinar | Dr. Paul Shin
  • November 18 @ 12 pm| Open Enrollment and Financial webinar | Jennifer Cockburn, SGF Financial Services Educator
  • November 19 @ 12 pm | What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting webinar | Dr. Melanie Ochalski

SGF also hosts various live physician events on their social channels. Follow SGF on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates and events.

For more information, visit SGF’s growing resource library for free, on-demand webinars, E-books, and other education resources on topics such as endometriosis, PCOS, low-tech treatment options, weight and infertility, and much more.

For people struggling to conceive, it may be time to consult a fertility specialist. Contact the SGF New Patient Center at 1-888-761-1967 or complete a brief online request form to schedule a virtual fertility consult with an SGF physician. A virtual physician consult is the first step toward pursuing a pregnancy with the help of SGF.

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