Rockville, MD – Physicians from Shady Grove Fertility (SGF) will host a variety of free educational events this December, including two Fertility Social events in Philadelphia, PA, and Fredericksburg, VA, where information-seekers can unwind with refreshments during an informal Q&A with experts in infertility. SGF’s December event topics range from infertility basics and knowing when to see a fertility specialist to menstrual cycle warning signs, in vitro fertilization (IVF), and more. Each session offers participants the opportunity to ask questions directly to physician experts, either in person during seminars and socials, or anonymously online during webinars.

“Oftentimes, fearing the unknown prevents people from scheduling their initial consultation with a fertility specialist. What our event is intended to do, is alleviate the fear of seeking help and provide attendees with the information they need so they can feel confident in taking that next step,” says Nancy Durso, M.D. of SGF’s Fredericksburg, VA office. Dr. Durso will be hosting a Fertility Social event on Wednesday, December 11 at Tapa Rio in Fredericksburg. “This is actually the second time we’ll host a fertility event at Tapa Rio. Since we received such positive feedback from those who attended in October, we wanted to continue offering this format for people who may feel more comfortable in a social setting.”

Dr. Durso is one of nine physicians who will host a live event this December, where attendees will learn about the patient journey at SGF and what to expect under the care of a fertility specialist. Throughout the month of December, the practice will host six in-person seminars and three virtual webinars, each concluding with a question and answer session where attendees can address their concerns with practice physicians.

“Many couples are surprised to learn that infertility can arise from problems with either the male or female partner, and sometimes from issues affecting both partners. When a couple is struggling to conceive, it’s important to be evaluated by a fertility specialist sooner rather than later. For most couples, 6 months of trying at home, without success, represents a reasonable time to seek evaluation,” says Caleb Kallen, M.D., Ph.D., who sees patients in SGF’s Chesterbrook and Philadelphia, PA offices. Dr. Kallen will host Philadelphia’s Fertility Social on December 12 at AR Workshop in Chestnut Hill.

The biggest question patients have when deciding to pursue fertility treatment is “Can I afford it?” SGF has one of the largest insurance networks and accepts over 30 insurance providers. Of these plans, 70 percent of patients have some level of insurance coverage for treatment and close to 90 percent have insurance coverage for their initial consultation. For those patients without insurance coverage, SGF has developed six unique financial programs to help ease the cost of treatment, so that building a family is affordable and accessible to all.

While all SGF in-person and online events are complimentary, interested parties must register to attend by visiting the SGF calendar of events.

December Fertility In-Person Events

  • December 3 | Towson, MD | Ricardo Yazigi, M.D. | Seminar
  • December 10 | Richmond, VA | Geof Tidey, M.D. | Seminar
  • December 11 | Atlanta, GA | Mark Perloe, M.D. | Seminar
  • December 11 | Fairfax, VA | Eric Levens, M.D. | Seminar
  • December 11 | Fredericksburg, VA | Nancy Durso, M.D. | Fertility Social
  • December 12 | Philadelphia, PA | Caleb Kallen, M.D. | Fertility Social

December Fertility Webinars

  • December 5 | What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting | Brad Swelstad, M.D.
  • December 10 | IVF | Ryan Martin, M.D.
  • December 17 | What Your Menstrual Cycle Says about Your Fertility | Joseph Osheroff, M.D.

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