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Popular Fertility App, Glow, Helps Women Feel More In Control of Their Fertility

Max Levchin GlowAlmost three years ago PayPal co-founder Max Levchkin introduced the free fertility app Glow with the goal of helping more couples achieve their dreams of parenthood. On its site, Glow describes its mission as, “Womanhood: demystified by data.” For millions of women around the world, GLOW offers more than just comprehensive menstrual and fertility calendars. People can connect through the forums, asking and answering each other’s questions. Similarly, partners can connect and log their individual daily health information including their mood, medications, exercise regimen, and a range of physical symptoms. In the newest version, 5.2.0, users can even upvote and downvote topics and comments in the community section to quickly access useful, relevant content.

Glow Fertility App Wins Best Health and Fitness App Award

Glow LogoAs the winner of the 2014 Webby award for best health and fitness app, Glow helps users forecast their ovulation and upcoming periods with period tracker predictions that get smarter over time. With its built-in sophisticated data analysis, Glow’s personalized reproductive health and fertility insights offer users a trove of helpful information, even medication reminders. Its daily health log helps users track over 40 different health signals, including basal body temperature, sleep, stress, weight, exercise, and more.

Shady Grove Fertility Physicians Recommend Glow Fertility App to Patients

Last week in the Chicago Tribune, Shady Grove Fertility’s Isaac Sasson, M.D., Ph.D., of the Chesterbrook, PA, office, remarked that the app helps women, “become much more aware and in tune with their body;” therefore he (and many other SGF physicians) recommends this app to patients. The Tribune article goes on to say that the app can also help women feel more in control of their fertility.

Sasson considers GLOW, and other fertility apps, helpful because patients can bring the data directly to their doctors, who can in turn work with them to decide the best treatment plan; however, he advises the app should not replace the interaction between physician and patient.

Shady Grove Fertility Physician Provides Expert Commentary within Glow Fertility App

Shady Grove Fertility has partnered with Glow since 2014 and we are pleased to announce that one of our physicians, Shruti Malik, M.D., of the Fair Oaks, VA, office will begin participating regularly in Glow’s “The Doctor is in” conversation. Like the co-founders of Glow, Shady Grove Fertility believes that by working together as a community, we will help inform and educate the public about fertility.

Shruti Malik, M.D. In addition to physician support like Dr. Malik’s, Shady Grove Fertility works with Glow in a number of ways, sharing and collecting information. On Glow, Shady Grove Fertility provides general fertility information and creates user polls. Shady Grove Fertility also announces fertility events and provides guidance for patients who are navigating through financial and insurance.

Click to read the entire Want to boost (or reduce) your chance of getting pregnant there’s an app for that article. You can download the Glow app here, or on itunes.

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