Shady Grove Fertility is proud to participate with Glow. Glow aims to change the way fertility care is funded, offering qualified users an insurance alternative for treatment.

What is Glow?

Glow is actually two things: first, it is a free mobile application available for iOS users (iPhone, iPad, etc) offering women the ability to track and provide them with insights about their reproductive health. By having women track their ovulation, Glow will be able to inform women and their partners of their fertility window and their changes of conception. Along with the app, Glow First is a not-for-profit fund that qualified women can elect to participate in. Participants contribute $50 per month over the course of 10 months. This money goes into a pool what will be divided equally amongst any participants who did not achieve a natural pregnancy after 10 months while using the Glow app. Glow’s founder, Max Levchin, formerly of PayPal, has personally donated $1 million to Glow First.

Max Levchin – co-founder and former chief technical officer of PayPal.

“We see so many opportunities to improve the state of health and wellness through data science.” said Max Levchin, executive chairman and co-founder of Glow. “Deeper insights will result in more informed diagnostics and decisions, earlier treatments, and ultimately cheaper, more accessible healthcare. We are excited to be leading this movement.”

How is Shady Grove Fertility connected to Glow?

Glow is working with some of the best physicians and teams in the fertility community – including Shady Grove Fertility. By participating with Glow, Shady Grove Fertility is providing feedback about fertility options, interpreting fertility treatment success rates, etc. Shady Grove Fertility is proud to be working with an organization dedicated to helping increase access to elective healthcare, such as fertility treatment.

“Glow helps women become more informed…”

Every year, approximately five to ten million couples are trying to conceive in the United States, yet only about four million babies are born. There are an estimated seven million women and their partners in the United States with infertility… that is approximately one in eight couples who are facing infertility.

“I left my career on Wall Street and underwent five in-vitro fertilizations, among other procedures, to have my two beautiful children, so I know all too well what it is like to go through fertility treatments. I am thrilled to be a part of a company that is helping people solve hard problems through data, and in this particular case, the problem of infertility,” said Gunce Arkan, a key contributor to Glow. “Glow helps women become more informed about their reproductive health, empowers them with the option to focus on their careers and think about children a little later if they’d like to and is being developed by a team of highly competent people who are single-mindedly focused on overcoming obstacles.”

If you would like to schedule an appointment with a fertility specialist, please speak with one of our New Patient Liaisons at 877-971-7755.