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CBS Evening News: SGF Couple Fights to Expand Law that Covers IVF Treatment for Veterans

Jason Bromer
Dr. Jason Bromer of SGF’s Frederick, MD and Hagerstown, MD offices.

Patients Fight to Raise Awareness on the Ban of IVF Treatment for Veterans

Newlyweds Kevin Jaye and Lauren Belliotti, married despite egregious odds. Kevin, who was disabled after a roadside bomb in Afghanistan exploded, lost his right leg and left testicle. Their best chance at having a biological family was through fertility treatment. They made an appointment to see Shady Grove Fertility physician, Jason Bromer, M.D., who explained that Jaye’s sperm quantity was not enough for the couple to conceive naturally. After two rounds of in vitro fertilization (IVF) the couple became pregnant with their first child.

IVF Treatment for Veterans Video

Congressional Restriction on IVF Treatment for Veterans

After learning that the Department of Veteran Affairs would not cover their treatment cost, Kevin and Lauren have been committed, “to change a law in Congress to allow other guys in [their] situation to be able to have the family they want, the family of their dreams, and not break the bank.”

The current law, a product of anti-abortion politics prohibits the Department of Veteran Affairs from covering the cost of in vitro fertilization for about 1,800 veterans who have suffered damage to their reproductive organs.The Pentagon pays for fertility treatment for active service members, but many wounded veterans can’t take advantage of the financial help during recovery. “Our ultimate hope is just to be able to change the law. We’re not looking for handouts or anything like that,” Kevin explained. Kevin and Lauren were able to afford treatment because her health insurance as a teacher covers IVF treatment.

Service to Vets helps with Infertility Treatment Coverage

Shady Grove Fertility supports the effort to lift the IVF ban for veterans who require fertility treatment to build their family. We support The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) created the Service to Vets Program designed to fill the void in funding for fertility treatments by offering discounted rates. In addition, Shady Grove Fertility offers a Military Discount Program of 50 percent to those in active duty, and wounded vets.

Click to watch the entire CBS Segment. For more information on Shady Grove Fertility’s Military Discount Program or to schedule an appointment, please contact our New Patient Center at 888-971-7755. 

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