When the New Year rang in, I made a resolution to make a difference in someone else’s life by becoming an egg donor.

I enjoy helping people—volunteering, being the friend you call for advice—but I wanted to do more.

I learned about the egg donation program at Shady Grove Fertility from a friend who donated. I immediately thought, “This is for me!” My New Year’s resolution this year was to donate, but like most, I got distracted and put the process off. I kept telling myself, “Tomorrow I’ll complete my donor profile,” and then “tomorrow” turned into days and then months.

One day a friend called to chat and asked me about my New Year’s resolution, but I had to tell her I was procrastinating. She was confused because she knew I was motivated to make a difference. When she expressed her confusion to me, I immediately became motivated to start my egg donation journey.

The next night I finally sat down and completed my donor profile, which surprisingly didn’t take that long. Three months later, I donated my eggs and am filled with empowerment, inspiration, and a sense of accomplishment. I do not know the recipients of my donation, but know I made a difference to them.

If you also made a resolution to make a difference this year, I encourage you to invest in yourself and take the steps needed to achieve your goal!

Egg donation was a wonderful experience and something I’d like to do again.
Best of luck to you,

An SGF Egg Donor