Egg donors have made parenthood possible for thousands of individuals who are unable to use their own eggs or their partner’s eggs to conceive. In fact, more than 5,000 SGF patients have become parents thanks to the generosity of those women who donated their eggs. Egg donors are compensated for their time, effort, and commitment, not for their actual oocytes/eggs. Compensation for egg donors is paid at various points throughout the prescreening and donation process.

Most recently, SGF has made three significant beneficial changes to the donor program.

Refer a Friend – New Compensation

SGF is now compensating women $100 upfront for any friend/family member who applies with SGF as an egg donor and is accepted to begin the donation screening process. While the refer-a-friend program at SGF has always been in place, the compensation has now changed, making it even more advantageous for donors to refer someone to our program. More great news, there is no limit to how many friends and family members’ one can refer. Each time someone applies and is accepted as a donor, SGF will send that person $100.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

New recruitment guidelines will now allow for donors to be accepted into the SGF donor program with a BMI of less than 30 (previously 28). A potential donor’s BMI is important in this process because it can impact the ease of the egg retrieval and how medications are metabolized. SGF’s program does allow for women to be temporarily deferred and re-apply when their BMI is within accepted range.

Earlier Egg Donor Compensation

SGF has adjusted the donor compensation structure allowing for compensation earlier in the process; upon completion of accepted profiles vs later in the process. The total compensation for a completed cycle is $7,000 for first-time donors (and more for additional cycles), and this amount is paid out in phases as donors progress through each portion of the screening and donation process. Women are first compensated once they complete their initial application, and profile, and are invited to begin screening. Additional compensation is then paid out during the screening process, with the final compensation being received on the day of the egg retrieval.

Egg Donation, Coupled with Egg Freezing

 SGF understands the desire many women face when it comes to preserving her own fertility. As such, SGF has two program options that allow women to not only donate their eggs, but to also invest in her own fertility preservation.

Egg Freezing Treatment Cycle – once the donor undergoes three donations with SGF she can undergo her own egg freezing cycle at a discounted amount.
Egg Freezing Cycle = $2,000, plus the cost of medications and monthly egg storage.
Split Egg Donation – women may opt to undergo a combined egg donation/egg freezing cycle, in the same treatment cycle. Through this program, the egg donor can donate ½ of her eggs, and freeze the other ½ for her own use. Through this program, there are no out of pocket costs, with the exception of a monthly storage fee. In lieu of compensation for her time and effort, the woman is able to freeze ½ of her oocytes, which includes cycle medications.

“The egg donation process at Shady Grove Fertility is anonymous despite its compassionate and intimate nature. Neither recipients nor donors are given any identifying information about one another. While the recipient is granted access to a select amount of information about the donor, the donor receives no information about the recipient. However, each walks away from the experience with a different outlook. One, forever grateful and the other empowered by the ability to help create a family in such a unique and gratifying way,” says Michele Purcell, MHA, RN, Director, Donor Program.

“As a woman, I feel like bringing a child into this world is one of the most powerful things we possess. If that possibility was taken away from me and if I needed an egg donor myself, I would hope that someone else would donate for me,” adds one former SGF egg donor.

“For me, egg donation is a privilege and I consider myself lucky to be able to give in such a profound way. The first time I donated, I remember vividly how emotionally good I felt. Pure, simple goodness in the knowledge that I created hope where previously there had been none,” echoes another SGF egg donor.

Any woman between the ages of 21-32 who is healthy and has a healthy family history may be considered for egg donation. All egg donor candidates must complete a medical history and genetic questionnaire. The screening process for donors is extensive and selective, by design, in order to help ensure a healthy baby and pregnancy for the intended parents.