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About Our Donors

While they are reimbursed for their time and effort, most women's decision to become a donor is born of a desire to help another woman and her partner achieve their dream of parenthood. The majority of egg donor cycles performed at Shady Grove Fertility are unidentified. Our unidentified donors come to us through various sources, mostly through word-of-mouth referrals from our current and past donors. Every potential donor undergoes an intensive medical and psychological screening process before she is accepted into our program.

Donor Candidates

Any woman between the ages of 21-32 who is healthy and has a healthy family history may be initially considered for egg donation. All egg donor candidates must complete a medical history and genetic questionnaire that is reviewed by our staff. The screening process for donors is extensive and selective. Of the 15,000+ women that apply annually, only 3% of the applicants are accepted as a qualified egg donor.

Donor Recruitment

Shady Grove Fertility staff personally recruits, screens, and matches nearly all of the egg donors in our unidentified donor program. Hands on management of the egg donor recruitment is mutually beneficial to the donor and patient. The process allows us to:

  • Manage egg donor compensation - a cost paid for by the recipient.
  • Use local donors to eliminate out of pocket travel and related expenses.
  • Eliminate miscommunication caused by 3rd party coordination.
  • Offer donors and recipients confidence and peace of mind

The Donor Database

We are continually recruiting potential donors and matching qualified donors with recipients. We have a large number of egg donors to select; including donors of various ethnicities.

Unidentified Egg Donors: Our donor team deidentifies applicants, meaning their identity remains unidentified to you throughout the whole donor process. While you will have access to her donor questionnaire/profile, and may keep it for your own records, you will not know the woman’s identity or have an opportunity to meet her.

Traditional, Non-shared, Egg Donors
You would be matched with the donor and would be the sole recipient for that specific egg donation. You would keep all of the eggs the donor produced for that donation cycle.

Shared Egg Donors
These donors will be matched as a shared egg donor, with either 2 or 3 recipients. This option not only gives each recipient an equal chance of success in achieving pregnancy, it also means sharing the financial responsibility with the other recipient couple. Eighty-five percent of our couples elect to work with a shared egg donor.

Egg Bank Donors
These donors have completed their donation and their resulting eggs were frozen for match. Once matched with an Egg Bank Donor, the eggs will be thawed and fertilized. This option provides significant flexibility for the selecting recipient, as the process does not require synchronization with the donor and/or other recipients, which allows for easier planning of the embryo transfer.

Known Egg Donors
Some couples will elect to use a relative such as a sister, cousin, friend, or others close to a recipient to assist them with this process. On occasion, some recipients who are looking for a specific requirement that is not commonly available (an example are women of Asian descent) will sometimes opt to "self recruit" an egg donor by searching out prospective donors on their own.

Agency Recruited Egg Donors
Some couples opt to utilize an outside, independent, egg donor agency to facilitate finding an egg donor. Agencies generally recruit donors nationwide, which provides a larger database of donors, including donors of hard to find ethnicities. Unfortunately, agencies charge for their services, in addition to the selecting couple having to cover the cost of the donors travel and lodging. Certain agencies may be willing to share their donors, which would cut down on the expenses.

Location of Embryo Transfer: Embryo transfers are completed at three (3) of our locations:

The location of the embryo transfer, for a fresh embryo transfer, is listed on the donor’s profile. When selecting a Shady Grove Fertility recruited donor, for a fresh donation, please be prepared to travel to the location listed on the donors profile. Should you only want to undergo the embryo transfer at a particular location, then you can narrow down your donor search based on location.

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