This program gives patients access to fresh and frozen eggs and allows patients to customize their treatment. 

Rockville, MD – Shady Grove Fertility (SGF) today announced a new, simplified Donor Egg Program aimed to help patients more easily navigate the process of securing donor eggs as part of their journey to parenthood. 

Under the new program, patients will pay a flat fee and receive six eggs from an SGF egg donor, including access to both fresh and previously frozen eggs. Patients can secure additional eggs at a per-egg cost. The program guarantees at least one blastocyst embryo for eligible patients.  

“As one of the leading providers of donor egg treatment nationwide, we are always looking for ways to enhance the patient experience. Through the new Donor Egg Program, we are simplifying the process for an individual or couple once they have selected their donor,” shares Michele Purcell, MHA, RN, Director, Specialty Programs at SGF. “Our goal is for patients to have peace of mind in knowing how many eggs they will receive, that they have options when it comes to their course of treatment, and that there are financial safeguards in place to help patients have a baby.” 

The new Donor Egg program also covers cryopreservation of embryos, one embryo transfer, and all donor expenses. 

SGF is home to more than 12,000 babies born from donor eggs and is one of only a few centers that recruits, selects, and prescreens—medically, psychologically, and genetically—its own ready-to-cycle egg donors prior to making them available on the donor registry. SGF is also proud to offer a Shared Risk 100% Refund Program for IVF and donor egg treatment, for eligible self-pay patients. 

Donor egg treatment is commonly needed by: 

  • People who are unable to use their own eggs for conception  
  • People who have decreased ovarian function, premature ovarian failure, or genetic abnormalities. In most cases, donor egg treatment offers a high chance of pregnancy even if other infertility treatments were unsuccessful. 
  • Cancer survivors 
  • Same-sex male couples  
  • Single men 

SGF is continually recruiting for and adding to its donor egg database. Potential donors must undergo a stringent screening process before they can be added to the registry. Of the over 25,000 applicants that apply annually, just five percent are accepted as an egg donor. To enhance recruitment efforts and ensure a robust database in the future, SGF recently launched the Egg Donor Referral Rewards program through which referrers of successful egg donor candidates can qualify for up to $1,150 per referral. 

To learn more about becoming an egg donor at SGF—including eligibility requirements, the donation process, compensation, and egg donation FAQS—visit Become an Egg Donor, or complete the initial egg donor application.  

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