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Benefits of Egg Donation

F or many women, the choice to become an egg donor may be one of the biggest decisions they have made so far. It may feel strange to think about sharing a part of you with someone you have never met but for the family who will be receiving your eggs, your decision to donate will change their lives forever. It’s remarkable to realize that sharing an incredibly tiny cell can have such a significant impact on the lives of others.

Our Egg donors are our Patients

Here at Shady Grove Fertility, we recognize the key role our egg donors play. Without the tremendous gift these women provide, the families we create wouldn’t be possible. We are a community, working together to make a major difference in someone’s life.

The entire team at SGF is committed to easing the donation process for our donors, and we appreciate what egg donation means for so many.

Our donors are our patients and are treated as such—they receive the same exemplary care that our fertility patients have been receiving for decades. Nurses are available to provide assistance and support at any given time during the month-long process.


Donors are thoroughly educated throughout the process, and are made aware of what the procedure entails. While there are risks known to every medical procedure, our medical team works diligently to prevent these from occurring by maintaining a safe and responsible medical environment.

On Donor Day, an orientation takes donors through each step of the process. Donors will have the chance to ask questions of a nurse practitioner, address concerns, and become educated about everything there is to know about egg donation. Also available to donors are our reproductive endocrinologists, leaders in the reproductive endocrinology field, who are here to provide clarification and answer questions, if needed.

Shady Grove Fertility aims to make the experience as smooth and comfortable as possible for all parties involved. Our commitment to success is what makes us the largest donor egg program in the country.


In addition to the overwhelming sense of fulfillment obtained from egg donation, donors will leave the process with significant information about their own fertility during and after donation. This, and the free genetic testing and counseling received prior to donation, provide insight that may eventually impact important personal life decisions and allow you to learn a little bit more about who you are.

While the process to become an egg donor may seem lengthy, for the women who choose to become an egg donor, the reward of helping families in the U.S. and around the world is well worth it. The gift you are giving will profoundly affect you and your recipient(s) forever, connecting you in the most beautiful way.

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