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Inna and John’s story

Inna and John’s story

Advanced Age
Isaac E. Sasson, M.D., Ph.D.
Chesterbrook, PA
Donor Egg
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
New Jersey
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For years Inna and her fiancé John tried to have a baby of their own. Finally they made the decision to visit a fertility center near their home in Manalapan, New Jersey. After six IUI procedures and one miscarriage Inna and John heard some bad news: Inna would not be able to use one of her own eggs and the price would be well into the tens of thousands. While Inna understood the process of donor egg and knew that carrying a child would provide that wonderful mother/child bond, after multiple failed IUI’s and the miscarriage, Inna and John felt discouraged by their experience at their local New Jersey fertility center. “It was very painful emotionally and cost us a lot of money. At some point I was told that my best option was to use donated eggs and it is going to cost tens of thousands more. We were losing hope, when one of our friends recommended that we visit Shady Grove.” explained Inna.


Around this time the Shady Grove Fertility Chesterbrook office, which was about a two hour drive from John and Inna, had just opened. “We were losing hope, when one of our friends recommended that we visit Shady Grove Fertility.” says Inna. A short time later Inna made an appointment to meet with Dr. Isaac Sasson at the Chesterbrook office. “We went to Chesterbrook and met Dr. Sasson and his staff. They were not only very professional, but also very personable and compassionate. His team was so attentive and helpful. It was a wonderful experience for John and me.”

As with many patients, one of their biggest concerns was the cost. During their meeting with Dr Sasson, he explained the Shared Risk Program. If they decided to move forward with treatment the couple would be able to undergo up to six fertility treatments for a one cost and if they weren’t successful, a guaranteed 100% refund. Inna and John began to feel more confident that they would be able to continue with their fertility journey.


While talking to Inna on that first visit he told her that he would help them have a baby and a few weeks later that was a promise he delivered on. Inna and John underwent their very first treatment cycle with SGF, with the help of donor eggs. After the long two week wait they got the news they had been waiting years for, Inna was pregnant.

During one of his calls with Inna to check in on her pregnancy she told Dr. Sasson she was looking for a good pediatrician in her community. As luck (and good geography) would have it, Inna and John learned that Dr. Isaac Sasson grew up in their very same town, Manalapan N.J. Of course Dr. Isaac Sasson knew the perfect person to recommend, he quickly suggested Dr. Elias Sasson, a pediatrician in Manalapan who happens to be his father.

In early February 2014, Inna delivered a beautiful baby girl, Ann Marie. This baby was so special she even shared a birthday with her mom Inna. As soon as that healthy baby girl screamed her arrival, Dr. Elias Sasson, whose son had first assured Inna that she would deliver that baby, was there to begin his work as her pediatrician.

From one Dr. Sasson to another, Inna and John continue their journey this time focusing on parenthood.


“Visit Dr. Sasson at Shady Grove. He and his staff will do their best to find a way to make your dream of having a baby become reality.”

Inspired By Inna and John’s story?

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