Heather & Kyle
Patient Story

Heather & Kyle

Simon Kipersztok, M.D.
Waldorf, Maryland
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
Kyle and Heather were married young, so they decided to wait a few years before starting their family. When the time was right – about three years into their marriage – they began attempting to have a child.
After a year of trying unsuccessfully, Heather was diagnosed with endometriosis and the couple was given devastating news – they only had a 4% chance of conceiving on their own. Since Kyle was in the Navy, their military health plan covered the diagnostic testing but not treatment or medications. They would have to bear these costs on their own.

What goes around, comes around

The couple started IVF treatment with another center in the Washington area, but after three failed cycles and $20,000 they decided they needed to seek another opinion.
One morning while listening to the radio, Heather got the inspiration she needed to make the change. “It was an ad for the Race for the Family fundraiser sponsored by Shady Grove Fertility,” explained Heather. A few days after hearing the ad, she called and made her first appointment with Dr. Simon Kipersztok in the Waldorf, MD office.
Heather also decided to participate in the Race for the Family 5K and raised $1,000 on behalf of the Cade Foundation, which gives out family building grants of up to $10,000. Given their own financial struggle, Heather felt a strong desire to help others in the same situation. Little did they know financial help was headed their way as well.

A winning combination

“Our first appointment at Shady Grove Fertility was so promising”, Heather explained, “I can still remember it, I couldn’t help but cry when Dr. Kipersztok said to me ‘You WILL get pregnant.’”
On the same day, the couple was introduced to their financial counselor, also named Heather. During the review of their insurance coverage, which was non-existent, they discussed the couple’s other payment alternatives. “She thought we might be eligible for the Shared Help Discount program and encouraged us to apply.” Heather explained. Shared Help provides a discount off treatment to income-eligible patients. Heather and Kyle applied and later learned they qualified for a 20% discount off the cost of their IVF treatment.
In addition to Shared Help, Heather and Kyle were very interested in the practice’s Shared Risk 100% Refund, which guarantees a baby, or a full refund. “After learning six attempts at IVF and unlimited Frozen Embryo Transfers were included in the package, we decided it was for us and began the process to enroll into that program as well.” Heather said. The call with their approval came a few days later.
Approved for both the Shared Help and Shared Risk programs, the next challenge was figuring out how to pay for the medications. That’s when the couple applied for and received approval to participate in EMD Seronos’ Compassionate Care program. The Compassionate Care Program promises significant savings on EMD Serono medications for uninsured and income-eligible patients. The discounts available to patients range from 50% or 75% off the self-pay price.

Seeing double

Heather and Kyle say they feel blessed to have been made aware of the patient support programs. “Kyle and I are so grateful to Heather, our financial counselor, for helping us understand which programs we would qualify for.”
On their very first try IVF cycle, Heather and Kyle’s got the call they had been tirelessly waiting for. They were pregnant! Several months later, the couple gave birth to twins – a boy and a girl. “We are thankful for Dr. Kipersztok and our entire medical team every single day.” says Heather. “When I brought the twins to see Dr. Kipersztok for the first time, he cried as I thanked him.” Although the family recently moved to California, she still keeps in touch with her nurse, and the office that helped bring two miracles into their world.


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