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Timed Intercourse

My husband and I welcomed our first daughter in 2018. We were blessed to have her without any issues with conceiving.  

Fast forward to 2020/2021 when we decided we were ready to try for a second child. Little did we know this would accompany 4 back-to-back early losses all before 8 weeks over the course of 1 year. Our world was turned upside down with each one.  

Finding hope and a second opinion

Baffled and heartbroken at what we were experiencing, I was evaluated by my prior OB/GYN where I was dismissed. With a swift pat on my back, I was told what I was experiencing was “normal” and to “just try again.”  

Although I knew miscarriage was common, I felt what we were experiencing was far from normal and felt something else had to be done rather than a pat on the back and treated like I was just learning to ride a bike. I decided to switch OB/GYNs for a second opinion. My new OB/GYN, Dr. Draper, immediately agreed something was definitely not right. After a handful of labs, it was found that I had a diminished ovarian reserve along with a possible clotting disorder. When these test results came back Dr. Draper suggested I meet Dr. Anish A. Shah at SGF’s Richmond location for his opinion of our situation and interpretation of these labs. 

Moving forward with Dr. Shah at SGF

After several visits with Dr. Shah and additional and repeat lab work and testing, it was confirmed I did in fact have an undiagnosed clotting disorder that causes early miscarriage as well as a diminished ovarian reserve. Dr. Shah spent an extensive amount of time discussing our options and answering our questions.  

We decided to start with timed intercourse and initiation of blood thinners on the next positive pregnancy test. Due to his expertise, we were able to conceive on our first try! His team worked quickly to initiate 12 weeks of blood thinners. A combination of these measures, as well as acupuncture, led us to the successful delivery of our second daughter on September 7, 2022. She is a beautiful and healthy baby girl. 

Advice for others

For those experiencing recurrent pregnancy loss and secondary infertility, I encourage you to advocate for yourself and never be afraid to seek a second opinion. It is important you are surrounded by a medical team you can trust and know they have your best interest. 
Without the help of Dr. Shah, I am not sure we would be where we are today. Dr. Shah and the entire team of nurses and staff at Shady Grove Fertility went above and beyond with quick and efficient communication as well as a true passion for their jobs.  

We will forever be grateful for SGF in helping us conceive our daughter who now completes our family. 

Photos by Nikki Santerre


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