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Ivy L. Lersten, M.D. 

Board Certified Board Certified

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Eligible
Patient Testimonial
10 out of 10 recommend! From the first day we stepped foot in Dr. Shah’s office we could feel the amount of love and care him and his team give to their patients. Our fertility journey wasn’t easy but this clinic went above and beyond to make sure it was successful.

I switched to SGF because of our first visit with Dr. Shah. He has great bedside manner, clear communication, manages expectations, and has a great staff. He is very proactive with your healthcare and makes you feel cared for. 

Dr. Shah embodies the epitome of excellence in IVF treatment. From the moment you step into their clinic, you’re greeted with warmth and empathy, setting the tone for the transformative journey ahead.

During the vulnerable and challenging experience of going through infertility treatment, Dr. O’Hern was caring, honest, and supportive. She listened to our concerns and questions with care. She was approachable while speaking to the research in backing her treatment plan.

Dr. O’Hern, her nurses, and the entire staff at Shady Grove Fertility are the best. Dr. O’Hern provides a wonderful balance of realistic statistical medical advice and compassion in her approach to treatment. She is so supportive and helped me navigate the most important journey of my life so far.

The entire staff at SGF were amazing, but Dr. B was a vital part of why I would choose this clinic again. She was extremely personable, calling with any and all updates & even making sure to be there when we had a scare very early on in my pregnancy.


Ivy L. Lersten, M.D., is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN) and board eligible in reproductive endocrinology and infertility (REI). Dr. Lersten earned her medical degree at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, graduating in the research distinction track. She then completed her residency in OB/GYN at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colorado where she was also an education chief resident. She stayed at the University of Colorado to complete her REI fellowship.  

As an avid researcher, Dr. Lersten received ASRM’s Fertility Preservation Special Interest Group Prize Paper Award for her work on fertility preservation. The award-winning study, Ovarian Response and Anti-Mullerian Hormone in Fertility Preservation Versus Elective Oocyte Cryopreservation Cycles, concluded that patients with a recent cancer diagnosis can expect comparable results from fertility preservation treatment to those who are undergoing elective egg-freezing. She is interested in ovarian biology and furthered her knowledge studying ways to optimize ovarian tissue cryopreservation in fellowship which culminated in an international oral presentation at the Society of Reproductive Investigation.  

Dr. Lersten is a member of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), and the Society for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (SREI).  

Always ready to listen, provide options, and educate her patients, Dr. Lersten provides care at SGF Colorado’s Denver location. In her spare time, she enjoys playing tennis, cheering on Arsenal, and cooking.  

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  • Residency: Obstetrics and gynecology, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora, Colorado 
  • Fellowship: Reproductive endocrinology and infertility, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora, Colorado 
  • ASRM Fertility Preservation Special Interest Group Prize Paper Award 
  • Pacific Coast Reproductive Society Scholarship Award 
  • University of Colorado Apple Teaching Award 
  • University of Iowa Research Distinction Track 
  • American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG)  
  • American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM)  
  • Society for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (SREI)  
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  • Santoro NF, Lin IS. Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause: Underdiagnosed and Undertreated. Contemporary OB/GYN. 2018;64. 


My grandmother was a midwife in China, and she inspired me to pursue a career in medicine and women’s health. Growing up I remember being fascinated by biology and how the body works. As a medical student on my OB/GYN rotation, it became apparent that any specialty I pursued also needed to have a deep, personal component to care. During the last year of medical school, I discovered reproductive endocrinology and realized it was a perfect blend of science and compassionate care for me. I am still amazed by the science behind what we do and how far we have come. 

What I love most about this field is the connection between a REI physician and their patient, and how much our work means to patients. There is nothing I love more than being able to give my patients goods news, but I am also here to provide support in difficult times. Helping people build their family is truly a privilege and I am grateful to be a part of it. 

Our amazing care team of doctors, nurses, care coordinators, medical assistants, embryologists, front desk staff, and more; everyone works so hard for our patients to provide the best care. I am also proud to be a part of a group of doctors who strive to provide the highest quality, evidence-based care. We are always asking questions and seeking answers through research. 

It is difficult to choose just one when I am continuously inspired by our patients facing unique challenges in building their families. I personally know a couple who struggled with infertility for close to a decade before having their daughter. Their demonstration of courage and grace throughout their journey was profound, as was the joy they ultimately experienced at the end of it.

I want my patients to know that it is okay to struggle, and I am here with them. Infertility can be a long journey made even more difficult because the process can feel out of their control and isolating. I am here to listen, provide options and educate. Ultimately, I want to be every patient’s biggest cheerleader.

My parents who moved to a new country with little resources and made the best of their opportunities. They inspire me with their tireless work ethic, dedication to family, and infinite resilience. 

I would describe myself as warm and empathetic, optimistic but pragmatic, and a hard worker.

Seeing an Arsenal game in London and visiting New Zealand again (where I spent several years as a child). 

I enjoy playing tennis. I love its fast-paced nature and making new friends on the court. I am also an avid Arsenal football supporter and try to watch as many of their matches as possible despite the time difference!

I enjoy spending time with my husband, our family, and our friends. I like searching for new cookbooks, trying new recipes, and hosting dinner parties. I also enjoy reading, trying to garden, and spending time in the great Colorado outdoors.