Through patient stories and a thriving online community, SGF encourages patients to share their infertility journeys.  

Rockville, MD – In a recent survey, 82% of Shady Grove Fertility (SGF) patients report feeling more hopeful and encouraged when they share their infertility journey with others. 

“We want our patients to know that they are not alone,” shares John R. Crochet, Jr., M.D., who provides patient care at SGF Houston’s Beaumont and Clear Lake, Texas, locations.  “We walk alongside them every step of the way through their treatment plan, and we’re proud to have such a large community of support for our patients.”  

SGF proudly shares patient stories to illuminate the different reasons for treatment, unique patient-centered plans, and many types of success possible when partnering with a world-class fertility center to build a family. SGF patients can write about their experiences by filling out the Share Your Story form.  

“Even those closest to you won’t fully understand – they can’t unless they’ve been there! – but they’ll do their best to support you and it’s so lonely without them,” shares Jennie, who has completed her family with the help of SGF.   

For more avenues of support, SGF offers a comprehensive resource library for patients, as well as active Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels, where current and prospective patients will find a wealth of support and resources.  

“By offering channels and resources for patients to share their stories, we strive to foster a community of hope that inspires patients and brings fertility care to the forefront of conversations,” adds Rebecca J. Chason, M.D., who provides patient care at SGF’s Annapolis, Maryland, location. “When patients feel hopeful and encouraged by their support system, it can help them navigate the difficult seasons and move forward with their dreams of parenthood.”    

About Shady Grove Fertility (SGF)
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