Shady Grove Fertility physicians join forces with Theralogix’s physician-led Medical Advisory Board to offer high quality, high value, low cost nutritional supplements that patients can trust.

Shady Grove Fertility is proud to announce its partnership with Theralogix, a nutritional science company founded in 2002 by urologist Mark Ratner, M.D. and led by a Medical Advisory Board comprised of physician scientists who specialize in fertility, urology, and men’s health from esteemed academic medical centers, such as Weill Medical College of Cornell University, Duke University School of Medicine, Georgetown University School of Medicine, and other leading centers.

One of the major differentiators between Theralogix and other supplement brands is that the formulation of each product Theralogix offers has been approved by the Medical Advisory Board after an exhaustive data review. Evidence-based medicine has always guided the medical recommendations made by SGF physicians. Similarly, Theralogix’s nutritional supplements are based on scientific evidence. The Board regularly discusses the most recently published research, and then reviews the formulations of all existing products to direct the development of new products.

“Our primary goal is to help our patients build their families safely and effectively,” states Shady Grove Fertility’s Medical Director, Eric A. Widra, M.D. “Getting the right nutritional components whether you are trying to conceive or are currently pregnant is very important. Theralogix has developed safe, effective, evidence-based nutritional supplements designed specifically for the needs of women and men who are trying to conceive and throughout pregnancy,” adds Widra.

One of the things that attracted the Shady Grove Fertility physicians to Theralogix was the rigor with which they test their products—which is more intensive than what the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations require. All Theralogix supplements are manufactured in an NSF GMP-registered facility and have received an NSF nutritional supplement certification for product content accuracy and purity by NSF International.

NSF International® is a not-for-profit organization that is the world leader in standards development, product certification, education, and risk management for public health and safety. The NSF seal guarantees that each Theralogix supplement contains exactly what is stated on its label, that there are no contaminants or other ingredients that are not listed on the label, and current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) established by the FDA have been met during the production of the product.

Another advantage that Shady Grove Fertility physicians found with Theralogix products was their affordability. It has long been a priority of the Shady Grove Fertility practice to make fertility care accessible and affordable to more patients, and making a recommendation for preconception and prenatal vitamin supplementation is no different. Since Theralogix products are not sold in traditional stores the marketing and sales expenditures are a fraction of what other suppliers pay, decreasing the out-of-pocket cost for patients. SGF’s partnership with Theralogix means that patients will get all the benefits of a quality-certified, premium formulation at substantial savings compared to an over-the-counter alternative or prescription product that carries a co-pay.

Theralogix supplements support a variety of conditions, with a significant focus on female and male fertility. Specifically, their current fertility line offers supplements that support preconception health, reduce the effects of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) on conception, promote normal sperm function and motility, and provide prenatal nutritional support.

“This collaboration in patient care offers our patients access to vitamins that are formulated based on sound medical research and that provide exactly what their body needs based on their unique situation,” explains Dr. Widra.

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