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Fertility Tests

The Initial Work-up


hen you meet with a fertility specialist for your initial consult, he or she will outline for you a diagnostic plan—or infertility work-up—tailored specifically for you, which will help determine the cause of your infertility. The physician will base the testing schedule on the information provided by your medical history, and a physical examination. This plan will focus on answering many important questions, including the following:

  • Are you ovulating?
  • Are your Fallopian tubes normal?
  • Is your uterus receptive to implantation?
  • Are the sperm normal in number and function?

The tests performed to diagnose infertility are typically referred to as prescreening tests. Before you start treatment, it is critical for your physician to identify any potential obstacles to achieving a pregnancy. He or she will make this determination based on the results of the male and female prescreening tests. Testing is individualized, so you may only need select tests as part of your prescreening process.

Once your physician establishes a diagnosis, he or she will design a custom treatment plan that best suits your individual needs. The recommended, personalized approach will depend on your age, diagnosis, the duration of infertility, any previous treatments, and, of course, your preferences.

A thorough work-up is key to helping couples achieve the ultimate goal of becoming a parent. The specialists at Shady Grove Fertility are committed to making the diagnostic process as streamlined, efficient, and personalized as possible to ensure you receive the very best care.

If you have questions about diagnosing infertility or would like to schedule a consultation call, 1.888.761.1967 or schedule an appointment online.

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