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The Most Popular Fertility Videos of 2013

top fertility videos

Taking a look back at the most popular fertility videos Shady Grove Fertility uploaded this year.

Best Fertility Videos of 2013

1. Shady Grove Fertility Staff Shares Words of Wisdom
Shady Grove Fertility staff members share words of wisdom to current and future patients. Simon Kipersztok, MD and Gilbert Mottla, MD are featured in this video and offer patients tips for a smooth fertility journey.

2. Inside the IVF Lab: Embryo Cryopreservation
This video shows an embryo being exposed to cryo-protectant, exchanging inter-cellular water molecules with CPAs (cryo-protectant agents).  Then the embryo is frozen via a fast-freeze process known as vitrification.

3. EmbryoScope – New IVF Technology
Shady Grove Fertility offers new IVF technology in our Philadelphia area fertility center. The EmbryoScope develops a time-lapse movie from thousands of images as the embryo is developed inside the IVF lab.

4. How to Diagnose Infertility
Isaac E. Sasson MD, PhD with Shady Grove Fertility Center in Chesterbook, PA near Philadelphia discusses how to diagnose infertility. After your initial consultation with a fertility specialist, patients will undergo a fertility work-up including a blood test, hysterosalpingogram (HSG), and other diagnostic testing.

5. Physiology of Human Reproduction – Fertility
Isaac E. Sasson MD, PhD with Shady Grove Fertility in Chesterbrook, PA shares the physiology of human reproduction. From the egg and sperm to the hormones and follicles, Dr. Sasson offers a quick look at reproduction.

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