Top tips for getting pregnant from a fertility specialist

Get answers from Dr. Tarita Pakrashi, who sees patients at our SGF Jones Institute office, about what to do and what not to do when you’re trying to get pregnant. Some tips and facts might surprise you!

In this video, Dr. Pakrashi offers evidence-based advice on popular TTC topics like:

  • whether positions matter when trying conceive,
  • what kind of lubricant is best for fertility, and
  • how frequently you should have intercourse during your fertile window.

Timing is everything, so she’ll also discuss how to calculate your fertile window. There are several different ways to know when you’re ovulating, like by:

  • using ovulation predictor kits,
  • reading your basal body temperature, and
  • even looking out for a certain characteristic of your cervical mucus.

Finally, we’ll go over when to reach out to a specialist for help if you’re not having success.