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Injectable Fertility Medications Don’t Have to Be Overwhelming

We know that administering injections, mixing medications, and handling needles are tasks most of our patients have never experienced before. While this part of the process is inevitable in many cases, at Shady Grove Fertility we are here to support you through every step of your journey. We offer a variety of resources to our patients to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that may be associated with taking injectable fertility medications.

What are some of the resources we offer for injectable fertility medications?

Injection training classes – SGF offers its patients hands-on injection training classes lead by a member of our nursing team. During these sessions, a nurse will educate patients about injectable medication self-administration and provide support materials including instructions, a copy of their protocol, and medication lists. Patients are encouraged to participate and can access the class schedule and register by calling their primary office.

Online training videos – Freedom Fertility Pharmacy, an SGF partner, offers online training videos as a great adjunct to “live classes.” Short video segments cover how to administer a range of injectable medications. Patients can watch these videos in the comfort of their home for step-by-step instructions, tips, and other helpful information.

Another available resource to patients are the injection training videos provided by each drug manufacturer. Pharmaceutical companies provide instructional information about their specific products.

Home Injections Plus, LLC –Patients may also want to take advantage of private service providers who offer injection classes and administer injections. Home Injections Plus is independent from SGF and is available to patients outside of normal business hours. For a small fee, a nurse will come to your home and teach you how to use injectable medications. If you wish, she can also administer medications for you. Women who have reservations about giving themselves the medications throughout their cycle and/or the trigger shot have found this service to be incredibly helpful. If you are interested in this service, please contact at 571-263-2110 or visit Home Injection Plus, LLC for more information.

While injectable medications can be intimidating, it is our hope that through a variety of resources, we can provide our patients with the guidance and tools to make this part of the process less challenging.


If you would like to learn more about Shady Grove Fertility or to schedule an appointment with a fertility specialist, please speak with one of our New Patient Liaisons at 877-971-7755. 


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