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Collaboration with Donor Egg Bank USA Gives Patients More Choice

Shady Grove Fertility is pleased to announce the availability of frozen donor eggs through Donor Egg Bank USA. Donor Egg Bank USA is the nation’s only frozen donor egg bank to be developed by a nationwide network of top fertility and IVF centers, including those at Shady Grove Fertility. The collaboration with Donor Egg Bank and the ability to use a frozen donor eggs gives donor egg recipients a broader selection of donors, the ability to move immediately into treatment and, most importantly, equivalent success rates to traditional fresh donor egg treatment.

Egg donation is an effective treatment for infertility caused by decreased ovarian function. This is a problem that can occur at any age but is much more common as women move into their late 30s and 40s. The majority of women who are over age 45  turn to assisted reproductive technology (ART) and donor eggs or embryos to conceive a child. Shady Grove Fertility is the leading provider of anonymous donor egg treatment in the United States performing nearly 900 treatment cycles in 2011, resulting in a 63% clinical pregnancy rate and a 47% delivery rate.

The Benefits of Using Frozen Donor Egg

Donor egg treatment offers the highest pregnancy and delivery rates of any fertility treatment but it is a highly complex and labor-intensive process, requiring simultaneous clinical management of the donor and the recipient. When frozen donor eggs are employed, the need to manage the donor disappears, as does any variable that may arise from a fresh donor cycle. Frozen eggs from the Donor Egg Bank are immediately available for recipient selection and use. “The simplicity of using frozen donor eggs represents a vast improvement for patients,” explains Dr. Michael Levy, Founder and IVF and Donor Egg Program Director at Shady Grove Fertility,” patients choosing this option are able to choose a donor and move directly into treatment without delay.

Ensuring Donor Quality

Shady Grove Fertility recruits and screens all of the donors who are selected for participation in the fresh donor egg program. The selection process is very strict and only three percent of all applicants actually meet the medical, genetic and psychological criteria as set forth by the Food and Drug Administration and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. The Donor Egg Bank selection and screening processes adhere to the same guidelines. “We are very confident that the donors available through the Donor Egg Bank are of the same high caliber and quality as those offered through Shady Grove Fertility,” explains Dr. Levy, “Shady Grove Fertility and Donor Egg Bank USA donors are healthy non-smokers between the ages of 21 and 32. Each donor goes through an extensive screening process involving genetic and infectious disease testing, drug screening and a detailed psychological evaluation before she can be deemed eligible for donation.”

Predictability for Out of State and International Patients

Each year, hundreds of out of state and international patients seek donor egg treatment at Shady Grove Fertility because of the practice’s clinical reputation, affordability of donor egg treatment, and the streamlined treatment protocol which requires only two visits to the Center. Patients traveling from another state or internationally also have the choice of choosing a frozen donor egg option adding even greater convenience by making the timing to those two visits very predictable.

Convenient and Affordable

Patients choosing to build their family with frozen donor eggs are able to participate in all of the financial programs offered through Shady Grove Fertility, including the popular Shared Risk 100% Refund Plan. There is no getting around it, donor egg treatment is expensive, but the Shared Risk plan eliminates much of the financial risk by guaranteeing a pregnancy and delivery of a baby or the patient receives a 100% refund of their fees.

Below is a basic overview of the donor egg program treatment options, success rates and financial programs offered through Shady Grove Fertility. The variety of options truly allows a patient to customize a program that suits their own personal and financial preferences.


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