Waldorf Office Holiday Social

What a great way to truly kick off the holiday season this year in Waldorf to fill our spirits with joy and love. It was a great chance for our Waldorf, MD office staff and patients to gather and mingle, while supporting all patients in this community who truly pride themselves on togetherness and family. “We weren’t sure what to anticipate when planning this First Annual Waldorf Holiday Social,” said Heather Davis, Financial Counselor and Patient Services Representative. “We wanted to do a spin on an Open House, so it seemed like a natural fit and great idea to include Shady Grove Fertility graduates. It was awesome to see such as great turn out.”

“A patient actually came up to me and said, ‘Walking into the room and seeing the miracle babies made me really stop and think WOW, this stuff really works. They really do build families.’” Heather continued, “For myself, it was amazing to know that I had seen a lot of those couples when they felt like it was at the end of the road, and now I see them with their new babies! It was an awesome feeling.”

There was a sense of abounding joy and compassion in the room and around this party, because little miracles were really walking and crawling around everyone. Past, present and future patients gathered together giving patients going through treatment a real glimmer of hope. Dr. Simon Kipersztok said the event was a real success and can’t wait to see what next year’s event will bring.

Photos from the Holiday Social in Waldorf, MD

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