Medical Contribution by: Naveed Khan, M.D.

For couples considering fertility treatment, Dr. Naveed Khan discusses the beginning of the process, starting with the male and female partners both completing fertility testing. Since roughly half the time infertility is male factor, men should have a sperm analysis performed. For women, a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is required to examine the tubes and uterus, and their hormones are looked at as well. All of these diagnostic tests are necessary for determining the cause of infertility.

Many women may start there fertility testing with her OB/GYN. If she was tested in the past six months, then she probably she does not need to get tested again by her fertility center. However, if it has been a year or two since she’s been tested, at least some of the tests may need repeating. For some women, an OB/GYN or fertility specialist may recommend using Clomid, which is a fertility pill that helps produce more eggs. Clomid provides up to a 20% pregnancy rate per month depending on the female partners age. Clomid and similar medications should only be used for a few months prior to moving on the next course of treatment.

At Shady Grove Fertility, a financial counselor will discuss all the costs for testing and treatment with each patient.